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Articles from this issue

College Guide

By maclay17 Surprise, AZ

Managing to escape my mother's firm grasp, I charged. She insisted it would only hurt for a minute, and then it would be all over...


By Talea South Windsor, CT

Bihar, India, 1946. I saw blood. Dark red drops of it dripped on my hands. I looked down startled and confused. There was more blood and now it was all over my arms and clothes...

Hot Topics

By Shenell Birmingham, UK

For some unknown reason the color black is always associated with bad things: black magic, blackmail, black sheep, the list goes on. When I was a child, the most popular doll was a white Barbie doll - that was the toy everyone desired. Why?...


By themoonsong Torrance, CA

There was nothing wrong with me. I was just full of quirks. Daydreaming? That's a quirk. Restlessly talkative? Simply a character embellishment. But you can only have so many quirks...


By jdonofrio Lisle, IL

I was in love for ten years. The kind of love that makes you lose track of all time, that makes you feel as if you're in a dream. A love that grows inside you, a passion, the biggest piece of yourself...


By PurpleFeather Canton, CT

Five girls sit in the cozy dorm lounge in silence, their faces bathed in blue phosphorescence as they type, scroll, tap and click at laptops and iPads. Some type away at Word documents, frantically trying to finish a homework assignment for Creative Fiction...

Art / Photo

By -Eris- Beijing, China


By neggatoriii Albany, NY

I was born with fire in my heart and tragedy in my blood These bones are made of war And my eyes are hurricanesBoys and Girls / both black and white / we must come together / to end this fight. / We'll join hands / and stand as one / this is what MLK / would want to have done...

Parkland Speaks

Smith Summer

Wellesley Summer