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By oompaloompa
Cerritos, California
oompaloompa, Cerritos, California
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By Anonymous
MeghanBasi, Norwood, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Years go by quickly, time flies in a blink, the mind evolves into a different species of foolhardy, that is who Iā€™m and who I will continue to be.

By matildamorales
Natick, Massachusetts
matildamorales, Natick, Massachusetts
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By jialin
Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
jialin, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
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Cathy_Shang GOLD, Shanghai, Other
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By carlyjudit
Ann Arbor, Michigan
carlyjudit, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Darsh15, Reno, Nevada
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By jacquelinewu2004 SILVER
Stony Brook, New York
jacquelinewu2004 SILVER, Stony Brook, New York
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