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By Its_Vivian BRONZE
Lancaster, Wisconsin
Its_Vivian BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Always remember, you are BRAVER than you believe
STRONGER than you seem
SMARTER than you think
& LOVED more than you know

By Anonymous
By Jialu_Sun
Changchun, Other
Jialu_Sun, Changchun, Other
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By Dragonrider16 GOLD
Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
Dragonrider16 GOLD, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
we are all born with a divine fire in us. our effort should be to give wings to this fire.

By kabillordo
Chicago, Illinois
kabillordo, Chicago, Illinois
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aadhyagupta, Nashik, Other
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Kwikaa, Shoreham, New York
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