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Mind Overpowers Matter

May 24, 2018
By Anonymous


My family and I go to Colorado once every year for about a week to go skiing. We always go to Steamboat Springs, so I know the mountain and town really well. I love skiing here and have so many great memories from it. We had skiied for a few days and each day the mountain got worse. It was really sunny and warm out sometimes so the snow would melt on the mountain. Later on it would refreeze so the mountain had more ice on it than snow.


It was coming towards the end of the day and we were skiing to the bottom of the mountain. The conditions werre really bad, it was like skiing on an ice rink. I suffer from anxiety, and feel in danger in a lot of situations even though I will be okay. This day, my anxiety got the best of me. 


Mind Overpowers Matter

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