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My (Short) life story

February 17, 2022
By Anonymous

Author's note:

This is a real-life experience

It was a hot summer day, I was walking down my street on my way to school, I decided to take the long way since I was already late. While I was walking by the neighbor’s house, Which is three houses down, I saw this guy outside grabbing things out of the trunk of his car. The car is a shiny black Audi s5 coupe, A very nice luxury sports car. When I walked by him we exchanged a smile and a hello. I noticed he was fairly attractive. He was about the same height as me, 5’-8”. Yes, I know that’s pretty short, But so what? I then continued walking to school and never once thought about him after that encounter. Months later I was sitting on my porch talking with my neighbor and she told me about this guy that just moved in right next to her. While we were talking that same guy drove by, She said that, that was him. I didn’t remember meeting him before seeing him, But i did feel like I'd seen him before and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. A few days later I was on a walk with my mom and little siblings. My sister, who was 2, and my brother who was 5 or 6 at the time. We then pass his house and see our neighbor friends in their yard talking. There were 2 parents and a little girl. She was 4, My siblings saw her and wanted to play so we let them. They got along pretty well and they became friends. That whole summer was pretty good for the most part. I soon found out that the guy that just moved in was the mom’s older brother. I saw him everyday and talked to him a little bit. I wanted to know more about him so I just asked his sister because I didn't want to talk to him for the most part because I got butterflies anytime he came around. After a few weeks I realized how attractive he really was..His big brown eyes that sparkled in the sunlight, His smile so captivating it made me weak to my knees, Even his laugh was like the best thing i’ve ever heard, His physique was just so attractive and even when i saw him drive by my house he just made everything look so good. I didn’t know him very much at all but I did think he was cute. So a couple months after obsessing over him I decided to friend him on facebook…Which could have gone better. I added him because I wanted to know more about him and I also got this ‘great idea’ and decided to text him and tell him that I had a huge crush on him. That went horribly wrong. He saw it, But ignored it, As he should have because i was so stupid for doing that. He immediately got my mom’s phone number from his sister and told her what I did. Then he blocked me. I understand that i scared him and he didn’t know what to do so that was his first instinct, Which is good. I had no idea he would have told her though. That didn’t cross my mind once. My mom was at work when he texted her what had happened. She then texted my dad and told him to take my phone away. She came home and my parents were furious about it. We talked about it for hours and me just sitting there crying and asking myself why I did what I did. They grounded me for months. I have no clue how long but I wasn't allowed to even go outside in my front yard anymore. When I did go outside and he drove by he just looked at me and I could tell he wasn’t having it. Anytime he drove by before he would smile and wave but I knew I screwed up when he couldn’t even look at me. I felt so bad about it that I cried myself to sleep every night convincing myself he hated me and never wanted to see or talk to me again. I was even more sad because I really liked his family and they didn’t like me anymore. I decided to write an apology note saying how sorry I was for what I did and that I understand now that it was a really bad idea. I saw my other neighbor outside my house so I ran it out to her and told her to give it to them. A couple days later the little girl came to play and her dad was with her and he told me that everything is fine and normal and not to worry about what happened. After that everything was fine and I was finally ungrounded, He actually forgave me quickly and he acted like nothing happened. I had gotten my permit months earlier but finally got to drive again, Everyday i’d drive to the park with my mom and siblings and a couple times when i was driving by his house he was outside about to leave and everytime he would smile and wave and i was just go happy that he didn’t hate me, Anytime i was around him i’d blush like crazy and if he ever talked to me i’d stutter because i just couldn’t even talk around him, I don’t think i’ve ever started a conversation with him in person because i had horrible nerves. Soon it was winter and nobody talked or went outside at all. Until spring, Then we all started hanging out again and I got better about talking to him. I'm sure I still blushed a lot but I think the stuttering stopped. That summer was pretty great. Everything was fine and I even added him on snapchat and we actually started talking there. Nothing weird, just normal stuff like how life’s been and all that but I was still closed off and didn’t tell him much because I didn't quite trust him and still wasn’t comfortable yet. Then months go by with talking and i’m still closed off but got to know him a bit and liked him a lot, Then in august of 2021 i find out that he got a girlfriend. He posted that on facebook and let’s just say i didn’t quite take that well. I was hurt so bad that i couldn’t eat or sleep, I couldn’t stop crying, I was throwing up and i wasn’t taking care of myself. My best friend wasn’t happy about it so she took matters into her own hands without telling me and texted him and told him what he did and told him how much of a bad person he is and threatened him and his girlfriend. I didn’t find this out until he blocked me on snapchat and i told my bestfriend and she told me why he blocked me. Well, his girlfriend was the one who blocked me on his phone. I was so mad at her and that just made me feel even worse and i just didn’t know what to do. I figured he had a girlfriend or something because almost every night he would leave and wouldn’t come home for days. I was worried about him because before i would stay up and wait until he came home safe so i could go to bed. But it turns out he moved out the same week he got with her. After 2 months of being blocked and trying to get over him i just couldn’t. Then one day i see that he had added me as a friend on snapchat. I thought it was pretty weird because I genuinely thought he forgot I existed. We didn’t talk at first but I did spark up conversation because the same day I hit the neighbor's dog and decided to post about it in my story. Knowing he would reply to it. We started talking from there and a we talked a little but not much. But as the months went on we got to know each other and we actually had fun talking about everything. We even had a conversation about what happened a couple summers before when I told him I liked him. He said that it scared him really bad and that he never meant to get me in trouble and that he understood where I was coming from. He then reassured me that he added me back because he knows how depressed I was and he wants to be there for me. But i know that’s just another way of saying he’s just talking to me so i don’t kill myself. As if I would. But we’re friends I guess. If that’s even what we are, I trust him and I'm finally comfortable with him and I feel like I can talk to him about anything and everything without judgment. I care about him a lot. I probably always will, He knows probably almost everything about me and I'm still trying to figure out things about him. I really do want to be with him, I can’t see my future without him in it. I want everything with this man and I'm so in love with him. But if we don’t end up together I guess I'll be fine. As long as he’s happy. I had to find out more about his new girlfriend because something just wasn’t sitting right with me and I felt like something was up with her. So I decided to google her name. The first thing that came up is a link about her from her hometown. I clicked on it and it showed a mugshot of her and it said that she is a former basketball coach. She had sex with 3 high school students ages 16-17 from 2008-2011. She also sexually assulted another student in a different county. One of the students' parents filed a $1.8 million lawsuit. She spent one week in jail and 5 year probation. She was also charged with alcohol consumption during school hours. She was a known sex offender for 10 years, which “ended” August 2021. Which is also when She got with him, 6 months ago. She is still not legally allowed around minors until further notice apparently. I knew something was up with her and trusted my intuition which was right. I know I should mind my own business but I care about him and I want to know what he’s getting himself into. If I can't be with him then I want to make sure he’s being treated right and he’s happy. I know everybody has their own past and some peoples’ are crazier than others…but I want to know what he’s getting himself into and whether he's happy with his decisions. I’m sure she’s fine now and has changed but sometimes people don’t change and I want to make sure he’s making the right decision. I know I'm not with him or anything like that but I love and care about him and I just want to look out for his best interest. He’s a grown man that can make his own decisions and if he wants to be with her that’s fine. But there is a chance he may not even know about this. I’m sure he does but there’s a small chance he doesn’t. I don’t want to ask him about it just in case he doesn’t know because I don't want to ruin his relationship, Especially if he’s happy. I just couldn’t do it. I just hope he’s happy and is getting treated right. I personally don’t trust her but it’s all up to him. That’s all.

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