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Give Me a New Mommy

January 12, 2012
By loverboy93 BRONZE, Stafford, Virginia
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loverboy93 BRONZE, Stafford, Virginia
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Author's note: My hardships of me being in foster care and how much I'v grown since the beginning

It all started at the age of three. I lived in a motel that had a really bad infestation of cockroaches. The motel trim was dark red like the color of blood and the walls were white. The cockroaches were as big as a grown mans middle finger. My mom and then dad had a bed; I had the floor with the roaches. I had to use a quäzy moto blanket; it’s the guy from the movie Hunch Back of Notre Dame. Till this very day I feel like roaches are crawling on my body when I sleep. One day, my dad got me a bike; it was orange and black and very small. My dad put black training wheels on it. Right away I used it; me being bright for my age asked my dad to take the training wheels off and I rode perfectly, I never used them again. One day, I got into my mom’s white small fridge she had in the motel. My mom was irresponsible and did not have a chain on it. She had beer in it and I got a hold of the beer and drank it on the stairs to one of the motel room doors. I learned this behavior from my alcoholic mom.

Give Me a New Mommy
I woke up dazed and confused on the same stairs and a guy was looking at me, thank God he was a Good Samaritan and called the police. That was the first time I could have died. The police just gave my mom a warning. My mom was poor and had to work. So I was watched by a guy
His name is dick for the purpose of a name and his wife jacklyn, dick was also a drunk. I went to his house and they had a screw driver on the floor and I decide to stick it in a wall plug. That was the second time I could
have died.
I think the only thing that saved me was the end of the screw driver, and maybe the fact that it was a big and long screw driver. Later on that day, we went for a drive. I was in an orange van. It was old and rusted the seats had rips in them. It looked like the classic creeper van. I was with dick the drunk. He was drunk at the time, and was in the van with his wife jacklyn and their kids. It was winter and he was driving over 80mph; at the time I did not know that. Well there was Ice on the road and the van flipped 9 times. I was upside down and strapped in. After we stopped I flipped myself over, and got out through a rolled down widow. When I got out of the window I saw him getting arrested.

Give Me New Mommy
If you think a three year old can’t get out of a booster seat, it’s a lie they can. He got arrested after that and my mom was called. Lets recap that was three times by the age of three that I almost died. Later on that year my mom divorced my dad. So, while dick was in jail I went to another baby sitter, and I did not like her. Her son and later my mom’s drug connection was watching me had to change me and he broke my leg. My mom told me to tell the doctor that I broke it while riding my bike. Total B.S but he bought it.
My Mom worked at a diner called the 29 Diner in Fairfax Va., and I think it’s still there. It was a very famous, and it was a very popular place for College students to have Coffee. Here’s a little fact about me when I was young all the girls told me how colorful my vocabulary was.
Let’s just say I Cursed like a sailor every other word was the f word, but the girls still thought I knew a lot for my age. I guess a little too much for my own good.

Give Me a New Mommy
I still today have away with the lady’s. I'm not as bad as a once was; I’m now more well behaved. After this happened I still went to that family where I got my leg broken by that idiot. I went there one day and I was getting tired of his mom, so I decided to rebel. I decided to go outside to climb a pine tree! It was really super high, sticky and I could see for what seemed like miles. I was afraid to get down, so I stayed up there. After awhile the mom decided to look for me; by that time the social worker was already called on her. I was an angry little boy and I went into a mental hospital because they thought I was crazy and because I had nowhere to go.

Yeah social services did those kinds of things. Well I got out in about a week they figured out that I was not crazy. I was just angry and I did not understand why I was taken from my mom. I was thinking hello, duh what do you think I was trying to tell you; I just did not do it for any reason. Age four I went to my second foster family. They made me stand in a corner for hours. They also made me sleep in a tub when I pissed the bed.
I stayed there until the age of five. They had two dogs a lab and a collie. I was playing with the lab and the stupid lab bit me in the eye. Later, in that home they locked me out, and I punched through a thin plexi-glass window. If you don’t know what plexi-glass is it’s made from plastic and is sometimes used on screen doors?

Give Me a New Mommy
If you ever have your arm or hand in plexi - glass don’t pull it out. It will tear your arm or hand to pieces, not a pretty sight. I had to learn this the hard way; don’t make the same mistake! I had to get 17 stitches, I was age five. I still have the scar and it still as big as it was when I was five. One day they rented a cottage and brought me with them I was standing behind my than foster dad at the time he was fishing. He went in for the cast through the hook and where did it end up…….. My
Cheek. That was the next lesson I learned the hard way don’t stand behind someone who is fishing.

I went back with my mom at age six. It was going good until, me being smart I realized my mom was doing drugs. How did I realize my mom doing drugs? At first my mom was in the bathroom for about three hours: I decided to find out why she was taking so long. Well I found out why she was in there for so long she had a baggy and paper she rolled up and was smoking what was in the baggy, it was dark, green, and leafy.
It was no cigarette the leafy stuff was not tobacco I knew what it was because I watched cops. At the age of seven we went over to my mom’s drug connection that broke my leg once when I was three. I noticed a lot of plants you can only imagine what they were… yeah it was marijuana plants.
Who knows what was in the basement, for all I know it could have been a meth lab. It was an old house the furniture looked like it was from the seventy’s. It did not have much of a yard and there were old car and motorcycle parts in the yard.

Give Me a New Mommy
I ate while I was there and I notice there were leafy flakes in my Mac and cheese, and I'm sure it was not collard greens. My mom started smoking her weed in front of me. I don’t remember much all.
The room was full Smoke, smelled badly, after that all I remember was that I got dizzy passed out on the floor. I passed out in morning, and did not wake up in till dusk. Who knows what happened in those hours I lost.

At the age of eight, I was not being fed by my mom; so I had to eat out of the garbage can what my dad had left over. At the time he was renting from us so I decided to call the social worker. I was then taken away by the social worker again! I moved from place to place; I never stayed in a home more than three weeks I felt like cargo on a ship. I went back with my mom, this time she decided to take me over to my mom drug connections sisters’ house. We went out and my mom lost one of her baggies again. I tried to look for it but I couldn’t find it. I thought I could use it for evidence, Yeah I was a silly eight year old. So I decided to call again: This time they did not take me away, and they made her go to rehab. She went for a day and then she stop going. So I decided to tell her that she would lose me again. So I had to be the parent and I kept reminding her to go. Imagine an eight year old telling you to go to rehab that’s how screwed up she was.
Give Me a New Mommy
I also realized she was popping my pills. That keeps me from going insane from her. So I guess the court made her take a piss test. She had to do this consecutively do this. So she made me do it for her in a pill bottle and give it to them and pass it off as hers…yeah it was the 90s you could get away with stuff like that. Trust me you can’t do it anymore. So I realized she was exploiting me so I decided not to do it anymore. She failed the test, thank God! While this was going on I met a guy named Mario, yeah I know funny right……and no he is not the character from Nintendo. He was my mentor and he got me to see the light. I got baptized and became a Christian. It was the best day and happiest days of my life. I prayed to God to give me a new mommy, and I said, “I will worship you forever if you do.” Little did I know that prayer will be answered in two years?

At age nine I went back to foster care and I went to Kids Peace mental institution. What could I say I was just an angry kid not some crazy. I think why don’t they understand me? Why can’t they see I’m just a sad, confused and angry nine years old? While I was there I felt alone had no one to relate to. I was actually the only sane one there well half sane compared to them. This just made me angrier and they put me on pills. In which I figured out that I was allergic to them, and I started to hear things. After that I got off the pills. So then the staff would make sounds like I heard before just to taunt me. I stayed there until my 10th birthday and then I was released and I went back into foster care. This home had quit a few pets. The pets included sugar gliders, Lizards and they had two great Danes. Again I got bit in the eye never did report it though. I usually suck up when it comes to pain I stayed in that foster home in till the summer of 2005.
Then I went to the family I’m with now. They are the family have
Prayed for.

At age eleven I was just getting older and I was maturing I was in the 6th grade. I was still the new kid in school and people were mean. I was in a Special Ed class and I was determined to get out. I got out I went to normal Ed History, English, Math and Science. I was a pretty good kid over all in school but I had problems at home. That was the year I got jumped trust me it was not going to happen again. In that summer I did not get to go to Canada with the rest of my foster brothers and sisters because I had been testing all limits in my foster home. Thank God they didn’t give up on me. Also in that summer it was the first time I went to christen camp while I was there I felt awkward, basically I was a miss fit. While I was there I got a crush on a girl named Ariel at the time I did not know her last name.
While I was there I wrote her a poem I tried to give it to her in church but of course she did not except it.

Give Me a New Mommy
But later I tried to give it to her at the camp fire she accepted it and it made her cry. I asked was it really that bad to my surprise she said “It was the sweetest thing she ever read and no one said those I kind of things to me before.” All I said in the poem was how I thought she was so beautiful and other sweet things like that. It surprised me that she never had anyone call her that before, of course I was still young. Later on she invited me to a special dinner the day before camp ended. It was the most amazing thing that happened to me I never had a girl pay attention to me like that before.

At age thirteen I was in 7th grade, I was still thinking about Ariel, I had a shrine of her in my locker. I had camp picture of her but a while later some kids ripped it up. At that time Mr. Garland one of my teachers started a program called young stars. It was a club in the school I read poetry and people liked it. At this time people were very mean to me only until I read my life story did people respect me a little more, it wasn’t until 12th grade did I fully gain their respect. I went to different meeting and stuff like that. In the summer I went to Canada for the first time it was fun! I went to camp Lake Louise that summer.

Give Me a New Mommy
At age thirteen I was diagnosed with Aspergers a high functioning form of Autism so then I finally realized why I was so socially awkward. I was in 8th grade. In 8th grade people were a little nicer to me; the year was going good, but then I did something stupid which almost got me kicked out of school. At the end of tutoring I went to the bath room and I put on a roll of toilet paper there’s a bomb ringed to the toilet. Yeah, I was immature I thought the custodian would get rid of it. Not to be racist, but I don’t think she could not read English.
The next day it was not noticed until 7th period we got out of class while the bomb squad dogs were sniffing around. Anyways I hated the class it was math. While this was going on I never got in trouble, until I got home I had a bad conscience so I told mom and she said to turn myself in, but do to my nature I did. He said, “Thanks for telling me we would
never have known who did it.” I thought I turned myself in why? , and why did I tell them? But I know it was the right thing to do.

Give Me a New Mommy
Luckily because I have an IEP I never got in trouble and the teachers liked me that helped to. I have an IEP because of what I told you before I have a social disorder and an IQ of 120. During that summer we stayed at a cottage near Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada. While I was there I stepped in a fire pit and I got a nail in my heel. My foster mother had told me
Repeatedly not to go near that pit without my shoes, but oh no, I had to sneak in there and feel the ashes between my toes. I was not wearing shoes at the time. My foster Brother big Adam being a big bro pulled it out of my foot. After that my mom soaked it in salt water the next day I was walking in Canada’s wonderland, which was a theme park in Canada. I didn’t even limp at all while I was there.

At age fourteen I was in 9th grade if was awesome I was finally in High School. During that year I met one of my friends named Aaron. He was a junior at this time. He was one of my first true friends I ever had. While I was in 9th grade I met a girl named Brooke. I had a crush on her so I sent her a letter and wrote her a poem but she did not react the same way as Ariel did. During that summer I went to camp again. It was a camp named Camp Lake Louise it was fun. That is where I met a girl named Caitlyn she was nice and she became my second best friend I talked her long after that.
I had a fun time at camp and I made a lot of friends.

In 10TH grade I was having a great year I had people who liked me. I had friends, it was awesome! That is where I met Jess she became my friend; she was really kind to me. I met her one day when I saw her alone sitting at a table. She was drawing, so I thought I would go talk to her. She looked sad and lonely so I thought I would try to make friends with her. After that we instantly became friends.

At age sixteen I was in 10th grade that is where I had a fun time I made new friends and I did ok in class. During that summer my mom bought a cottage for us in Michigan. In Michigan I bought skis, I skied in the winter during winter break in 11th grade. In 11th grade I still had the friends I made in 9th grade and I made new ones. During that year I went to Homecoming with my friends Bethany and jess it turned out to be ok that night, but not everything went smoothly. I took them to outback steak house and I guess the shrimp did not go well with jess. In the summer I bought a kayak and I also bought a bow. I went kayaking and I had so much fun.
It’s my senior year I’m popular and people like me a lot. So I far everything is going great I have awesome friends, a nice mom, and I have everything I could possibly want. My life is so awesome; it’s a perfect story book ending well that is so far…

This year started out as a good one. I went to Canada by myself for the first time. I was Nervous because I was flying by myself. It all Started with the lift off. I flew over a lot of states and I got to see the great lakes from the air. It was a beautiful start of my summer. I looked out the window and just wanted to get up there. I got there and I came to customs. I was afraid they would not let me in. I’m by myself , I’m eighteen, I’m dark like a Muslim, and I had a huge bag.
I was more afraid of not being able to get back into the U.S. I got up there I called my brother and asked what kind of vehicle he had. I got a great welcome, put my stuff in the back and I was off. I got to his house and got settled in. It seemed to be a long day. The next day we went to play paintball. It was my first time playing, it wasn’t my last and it will never be. It I started to put my camo on and we were off. We went to my brother’s girlfriend uncle’s farm. It got my gear on found a place to hide. I was horrible I got shot like a million times my brother had a fully automatic
Give Me a New Mommy
Paintball gun and he went full auto on me. Well we played a lot of days after that. One of those days we went to Mopar fest. It was an awesome car show. He had his race car and he got it featured on its first day being shown in the arena it was an honor for him. I saw a ton of cars and loved them all.
We went to a few car shows after that. In the end of the summer school started and that’s when the true action started. I was doing great until about the time classes got rescheduled into September. In this time I talked to a new face from a long distance. Before this I had a dream that would echo, echo, and echo. It was like the movie groundhogs day. This dream would be the start of my downfall or so I believed.

I my grades were slipping after this and then I was told if I did not get them up I was going to be kicked out of foster care and if that happened I would be ruined. I would have no where to go and I could not just ruin my life that fast. Well while this was going on I was so stressed it was being played out in my dreams like a drama no one has ever seen before. I need a way to escape so my dreams did just that. I need a new way to cope. I had trouble with telling the difference from reality and make believe. I felt like I was losing my mind if it wasn’t already gone it was going to be. Every day the same person kept showing up in my dreams only Eminem could say it better. Let’s say the first few lines was what I believed she is. It was my demon and I got so tired of that person showing up in my dreams. I don’t know if she was real. She was in my dreams so most likely she is not. If she was real I don’t know if I was seeing a person in my future, a person in my past, or a personification of me, and what I want. I just wanted her gone out of my dreams. In her eyes the first time I saw her in my dreams I saw things which can’t be unseen and it has really affected me. I have a caring heart so I take in those kinds of people. I attach to them because of my past. If I see hurt and pain I always want to help. I have the biggest heart around and that is something I can never get rid of. She seemed so real the first time and that was in the end of the summer. I feel better know and she has gone away. I guess my psyche is back the stress is gone and I feel great!

Even though I been through a lot of trials and tribulations I learned from what is right and what is wrong. It made me respect life more, and it gave me my values I have today. I value family, hard work, Love, and Faith. I value everything that is good, and you would think a guy who went through a lot of hard times. Not to be stereotypical, but you would think I would be a thug or a gangster but I’m not, I’m sweet, kind, caring, and loveable everything my biological parents would not every be.

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I was in foster care form the age of 10 days to 16 months old,I feel for you.

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Your book was great! I love it. Keep writing, kiddo!