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By Meghan Bell BRONZE
Abilene, Texas
Meghan Bell BRONZE, Abilene, Texas
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By XxwritteninpenxX
Galloway Twp., New Jersey
XxwritteninpenxX, Galloway Twp., New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Words are what holds the world together, otherwise we wouldn't have things like, 'I love you.' That's why I write. I like to say that I'm helping to hold the world together.

By Shooters99
Santaquin, Utah
Shooters99, Santaquin, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't worry Zona things always go wrong for us then somehow people keep paying us. Not enough I don't have enough money for my heart medication but I do have hope. Except when I'm afraid which is always so I never have hope. Why would I? Things are bad it is hopeless netherscape out there and we but weary travelers. And here's the thing it's okay because we all die one day.

By maddss16
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
maddss16, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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