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The Memory I Carry

October 14, 2021
By ashlen1035 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
ashlen1035 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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How does something so small hold such a big impact on me? In the dark, muggy room I daze away with the desire to see him. I adjust the rose gold heart sitting on my chest, holding nine glimmering diamond stones banded together. Slowly, the necklace creates a bright red line on my neck from wearing it so much.  My sixteenth birthday was a big day for me, thoughts running through my mind until all I could think about was seeing him. Anxious, nervous, and excited I walked into Sakuras and greeted him. He handed me a white matte box with a bow on top. As I open the box I give him the biggest hug.  I stared into the beautiful rose gold glittering necklace, just a regular necklace on the outside but a picture with one hundred words on the inside. Holding a picture of me and him standing in the Christmas lights on the river of downtown Toledo, with the words “I love you” wrapped around the photo in all different languages. I remember the lights around the park lit up your smile. The lights of the Christmas tree reflect off the Maumee river and catch everyone's eyes. The cold frigid air hurts my face as I try to catch my breath because it's almost too cold. I step into the hard crunchy snow, walking along the docks on the freezing river. The buildings shine bright and are covered in frost as we sit in the sleigh. I hug you tight and smile, I think to myself this will be a memory I will never forget. From being with him for over a year I've learned many small details about him. He's a tall fit boy with brown straight hair that had a slight curl at the ends. A smile so perfect, and a heart so sweet. The blue rigid lines in his eyes mixed with a bit of green. One of the bravest, kind-hearted people I've ever met that is willing to step up and help anyone. He is my only escape, to get away from my worst days. The vivid memory eases my mind and I zone back into the reality of the clock ticking slower and slower, wishing this week could be over with. Still, the necklace reminds me every day of all the memories I have with him when I wear it. 

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