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Social Media: - The Third Face of Upcoming Generation

August 22, 2023
By vaibhavijoshi2802 BRONZE, Pune, Other
vaibhavijoshi2802 BRONZE, Pune, Other
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Being a GenZ, I cannot conclude where this generation went wrong. Does the blame go to social media? Or it’s just the evolution of a generation? I do connect with some aspects of being a GenZ but on some points, I feel disgusted. GenZ is the generation where you are very well known for the technology and upgradation of life but on the other hand, its degrading their quality of life and value. For me its because of social media. We are not going to talk about this generation using AI for their use or whatsoever. There are certain factors that are seen yet ignored. Just for the basic idea I have one question for you. Suppose there is a movie that you saw 10 years ago and on a random Saturday you decide to watch that movie again. Will the movie give you the same values and lessons as earlier? No, it will not. This happened to me a few days back. I saw “Wake Up Sid” years ago but when I watched it recently, it was a whole different ideology for me. Back then many people really loved that movie considering it was friends to lovers story.


When I watched it currently, I noticed Sid was just a spoilt brat who was spending his father’s money without any shame and that felt so wrong to me. After thinking about it for days I concluded to two parallel points. Back in the 90s, it was very common for a son to take over his father’s business, it was a privilege to continue the legacy. Relatives used to say “You are so lucky, now the business will remain in the family”. The successor would happily take over the business and expand it. Now it’s a trend to convert your struggle into 15-sec video and post it on social media. People post with the caption “I left my father’s business to make my own money and stand on my own”. For a person who decides to take over the family business, they comment “You didn’t want to try new things? Oh! You are so lazy to explore various career paths, be creative, stand for your own”. It’s totally up to you whether you want to keep the legacy or not. But in this generation where achievements are posted on LinkedIn, there is no value of persons carrying out the legacy. Social media is the influencer that not only influences but also manipulates the public.

Here is a case, when you watch a reel on Instagram and you like it you go to the comment section, and that one bad or negative comment changes your whole perspective. Is this generation so easy to get manipulated? Social media ruins good things for you. Recently I saw a recipe video in which the lady cooked the staple food of Bengal made with soaked cooked rice. It’s a staple food that people eat not only in Bengal but in Orissa and Assam also. When I opened the comment section, some people criticized the food by calling it a “poor meal, I would die rather than eat this”. Several negative comments were there. One person’s bad comment triggered the whole community. Is this the way we promote unity? We belong to a place that has numerous diversified cultures and instead of appreciating the efforts of the creator they were making fun of the food. I have experienced it and seen many times how that one comment pisses everyone off.

In this generation which does not want to continue their culture and identifies themselves differently from where they are, I feel scared for the upcoming generation. They will have no roots to their culture, bullying for them will be common, posting everything on social media will be their priority, humanity for them will be a hashtag, respecting their parents will be a burden for them, and there will be no difference between man and a machine, they will have no identity, for them the only communities will be social media community.

For this generation, we say for 8 billion people we have 16 billion faces. The upcoming generation will have 32 billion faces, one will be social media.

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Vaibhavi Joshi is an aspirant writer and her poems have been published in various anthologies and TeenInk magazine as well. Her areas of writing has evolved from prose to poetry and now to articles. From dreaming of becoming a writer ,to on the way of achieving it, she has come a long way. Vaibhavi is very crucial to her feelings and imagination, and that's how she creates a beautiful piece of work. 

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