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By Anonymous

     It’s break and all the college kids are home. I am still deciding which school is my first choice. I have narrowed it down to NYU, SUNY Binghamton, and the University of Michigan. Now is a good chance to find out more about these colleges.

“How’s Binghamton?” I ask.

“It’s good. I like it a lot. People say the town is boring but we always find something to do,” replies the student I know.

“Are you happy to be home?”

“Yes, I’m finally getting some sleep.” Okay, so Binghamton sounds ... okay, maybe better than its reputation. Most people (even if they don’t go there) say Binghamton is boring.

I ask the same question of a kid I know who goes to NYU.

“It’s great, I love the city. It’s confusing at first, but you get used to it. The city is hectic so it’s good to relax at home for the break.” Understandable. I’m in the city a lot and can see what he’s saying. I know another kid who goes to NYU so I ask what he does for fun.

“There are clubs everywhere, and they are easy to get into. I also see some pro sports sometimes.” Sounds like fun. When asked if he is happy to be home, NYU Kid #2 said, “Being in the city is like having your life on fast forward, so it’s good to take it down a notch for a few weeks.” Sounds like NYU can be fun, but hectic.

I know people who go to Michigan, and one is my brother.

“What do you do for fun?” I ask him.

“Do you have a few hours?” he replies. We laugh and then he explains that the University of Michigan is in the heart of Ann Arbor, a beautiful city, so there are a lot of restaurants, malls and movie theaters.

“Yeah, but they have those in every college town,” I point out.

“What makes Michigan unique is that it is in an awesome city, but it also has a great campus with lots of fields. It’s the perfect mix. NYU has no campus; once you leave your classroom, you’re in the city with strangers.”

“That’s true, but what else is there to do there?” I asked.

“Michigan is one of the greatest sports colleges in the country. We’re competitive in every sport, and the games are awesome. We have the biggest football stadium in the country.” He is so enthusiastic that I know he is having a greater time than anyone else I talked to. My final question seals the deal.

“Are you happy to be home?” His description makes it sound like he would be exhausted from nonstop fun.

“Are you kidding? I can’t wait to get back.” Wow, I was not expecting that. Michigan is a very academic school, so I would think students would want a break. After these interviews, and a little more research, Michigan became my first choice. I sent in my deposit the next day.

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