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I’m going to write

December 24, 2007
By Anonymous

I’m going to write a story for the duration of the time that I have to do something before they get home. IN order to express all the things that go through my mind I would have to write a novel of some sort. On which topic I do not know; yet there are so many, and at the moment all of that is irrelevant and all that I desire is to write.
I am going to start with things that I will not imagine at this moment, but will roll off of the tongue like butter, with imaginative innovations that I do not control, but what I’ve come to agree as an external part of myself that creates imagination; that is the controller of all creative processes not associated with my awareness. It is this consciousness that controls only a part of me, and I it. But there are times of which I am dumbfounded at how an intelligence so divine will manifest in some expression of mine, of which I do not own, for I am the creator of nothing but myself. And I was created by the environment, therefore expressing the natural paradox. One of many, I’ve come to see.
There are times in all of our lives I presume, which we come to see some sort of reason to our existence. Pushing forward the future generation and youth, and no longer progressing ourselves, but digressing. We are no longer aware of it; only that we are more focused on other people then ourselves, and on the recognition of all we’ve done. We lose our faith in ourselves, and down the hill we go. Into oblivion.
But not all of us seem to think that way. In existence, there is this subtlety that resigns itself mostly to our needs in hunger and all of which combines itself into an everlasting snowball of unhappiness in “3rd World” countries. Whereas, in “1st World” countries, all of which consists of their relevance is an intense desire to live forever in a world in which over-population is a major issue. Especially in the United States of America.
This intense desire to live greatly affects those around us, broadcasting simple messages to our children; making them want to be older while we, ourselves, want to be young again. It isn’t the idea that we’re unaware that we’re old. But it is the extreme difference in the two contrasting stress levels of people whom drive to work every day in a thousand mile long line of similar, manufactured metal boxes; reflecting sunlight into the eyes of those whom sleep little only because o f the so-called beautiful drug Coffee; and those whom, in third world countries mostly, hate our way of life, and would much like to choose their own simplistic, minimalistic style of living. Without all our grocery lists and baggage claiming.
An interesting catch on our perspective in a nation. Being that we have become the greatest country in the world because of our equal progressive movement. Everyone wants to have money, therefore looks for some form of slavery as a job. It is the intelligence that rules a nation of our own. Where schooling is quite a possibility for most students now. In the underclass society people seem not to care so much for society in general, the government, and especially education. Which is quite ironic, because all of which they hate grows from lack of education. We live in a society that supplies education for free! Yet, looking at the non-adaptive nature of our consequence; which has manifested in the characteristics of every nation around the world, we insists on compulsory schooling for the solution to our problems in a system that supports the forcing of a circle-nature through a metal box. The liberalistic perspective certainly comes “in-hand” though, in a financial perspective; supplying the very society that despises education-the lower class- with money in order to live in an existence supported by those of whom will never be met by the undertakers. The unbalance in this equal society is complex and illusory when an intelligent individual realizes that the result of every choice in the past by everyone has inevitably led up to this.
The strange notion that some giant man is standing before a throne in fitted jeans and a robe is quite preposterous. The law, of course, was designed to benefit all of whom it governed, and was written under the pretenses that we, having lived in a natural society since the day we became, have extracted the values we’ve come from quite normally, and will, ourselves, never control the nature that we have came from. Therefore we must create a governing society, with prerequisites in charge; balanced, and checked into equality.
But with the introduction of the television, there have been some major changes in the American culture to this day.

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