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SAT Insanity

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

True or False: Senior year is such a breeze. We no longer have to take SATs, all we have to do is send in a couple of applications to a few schools and we’re set.
Answer: FALSE! Sorry to burst the bubble of the under classmen, but seniors do not “cruise” through their last year of high school.
Seniors have fallen into a pit of insanity due to the painful, tedious, and highly stressful process of applying to colleges. But apart from the writing college essays, seeking recommendations, and keeping up those GPAs most seniors are scrambling to take the SAT once last time.
Apart from the rest of the application, colleges pay attention to SAT scores. And because 2009 is such a competitive year for college applications, many seniors are trying to make their applications, resumes, and standardized test scores top notch quality.
October 4th was the last chance for seniors to take SATs and the last time for seniors to show colleges their superior test taking abilities. Why is it important and how does it help to take the SAT again? Mrs. Marnie Allen, Director of College Counseling, says that there is “potential for growth between the end of junior year and start of senior year. In junior year, you may not be prepared adequately, and even if you raise you score in one area, colleges will mix and match and take your highest combined score.”
The date for PSATs is quickly approaching for juniors. Juniors should not blow off the PSATs, as it is a good indication of what they’re going to score on the SAT and if they score well, they can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Colleges will see this honor on their resume and will consider it highly as it is a National honor. The PSAT will also prepare juniors to take the SAT in the spring. Not only does the PSAT serve as a practice test, but Mrs. Allen states that department heads use PSAT scores as one of the factors in placements for senior classes.
As for sophomores, they will be taking the PSATs as well. Although the PSAT is geared for juniors, sophomores should try to do their best because it will give them practice taking standardized tests and their scores will also be used as placement factors for their classes in junior year.
Colleges view your scores and use them to predict your success in college. And for juniors and sophomores, teachers will see your PSAT scores and use them for placement the following years. And of course, there is no “substitute to what you learn in the classroom. So make sure you read all assigned books and do your homework,” says Mrs. Allen. So, moral of the story is: do well on your SATs and your PSATs!

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