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October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

“Is this guy crazy?” “Why has he parked his car where the carts go?” I pulled up and there was a man in his sixties sitting in the car. He had a wrinkly face and light grey hair. I asked him he needed help with anything. He asked me if I could go out to whole number ten and get his blue jacket. At first I was thinking in my head that my shift was over in two minutes and hole ten is the furthest hole from the pro shop. “How nice this man asked me to get his jacket so I decided I would go.”

I got onto the golf cart and drove out to hole number ten. When I got there, sure enough, his blue jacket was on the water table. I grabbed it and then drove back to the cart barn.

When I returned the man had a big smile on his face. He thanked me about ten times. “Why is he so thankful?” It wasn’t that hard to drive a golf cart to get his jacket. Along with thanking me ten times he also gave me a three dollar tip, and then drove off.

After he left, I changed my views on working. I thought to myself, if I could make a man so happy by doing something so little, then I should do that for everyone I can. I could care less about the three dollar tip he gave me. I would have been more than happy just for the response I got from him for doing something so small.
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