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Cindy Lew Once Said...

November 22, 2007
By Anonymous

Cindy Lew once said “remember that the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under the tree, but in the heart of a true friend.”
Having a friend is similar to receiving a present from this life. Everyone receives one lifetime with a time limit. A friend is one who will go through my life even though I’m dealing with hardship or success. When I pick a person to be my friend, the only thing I care about is his/her personality. All of my friends are really reliable to me and until now, I still believe that I have made a right choice. If you find a friend who has a great sense of humor, when you in struggle in life, you will find out that all you need is a person who you will trust and will listen to you. A true friend is the one who will sit next to you when you get tired and want to rest in silence.

Like everyone else, I had close friends at school and we studied together all school year. We loved to go to school together and study as a group. Then one summer, my family and I moved to the U.S. actually, at that time I was too young to care about leaving my friends and all of the beautiful memories. When I first I came here, I missed them so dearly that all I wanted was time to go back there for just one hour , only one hour so that I could stay with them. But when I couldn’t change anything in my life, I needed to change my attitude.

Three years passed with my hard work at school. Since I needed to learn to handle a new life in the U.S., I became stronger. But I started losing my fun time and instead of hanging out with my friends, I studied and practiced English. Again, the summer came with joy, to hear my dad announce that I could go back to Vietnam .

My friends hadn't changed much over a long time, as I met them again after three years. I told them about my life in the U.S. Then we told each other about our lives. One thing that surprised me a lot was that each of them still remembered exactly what we used to do, and especially our secret, the one only four of us knew. Coming back home, I found myself wanting to play hide – and – seek and eat breakfast with my friends.

True friends will always be my true friends even though time had passed and there were so many things that I forgot to do with them. These three friends always will be right there waiting for me to come back and watch over me by their heart.

Tears came out of our eyes on the day I left. As the airplane was flying, my heart was empty, as if our memories and this happy time would go as my foot stepped into the airport.
After coming back to the U.S I realized one thing. It is a miracle that I found these three best friends. Sometimes, distance can not separate true friendship. In your lifetime, people will walk by you, but someone will stop at your heart and they may stay there to warm your heart. like winter in Alaska, and you will still feel warm because you are not alone. But if one d ay these friends leave you, and you have an empty heart, you will still feel warm because there will be a footprint on your heart. As a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
We will never say “good – bye” to each other because those beautiful memories are not in our head, but they live in our heart. Meeting a friend is a destiny. isn’t it?(Delete) Don’t let your chance run away, time will let you see what a true friend is

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