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My Opinion On Relationships is Simple

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

My opinion on relationships is simple. Once you found the right person don’t go down with out a fight. This is how you know you found the right one. 1st thing is that person is here to talk to you when you are about to do something stupid or dumb resulting in trouble. 2nd is that the person knows what makes you tick, what makes you sad and mad also makes you worry. 3rd is that person knows what to say and do when you are sad or mad. 4th is that person makes all your worries go away when you kiss them or when you are around them. 5th is that person makes you feel safe no matter the situation. 6th is that person says I love you at the beginning of a phone conversation and at the end of the conversation. 7th is that no matter the problems that go on you try to work things out. 8th you make sure you both get your point across and love is there make sure of that because love grows into a wonderful thing that words can’t describe. So listen to my words when I say love is a grate thing because it can bring pain, happiness but in the end the thing better yet the emotion is so invigorating, that you will want more. That is love and you will experience it someday.

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