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This I Believe

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever heard that hard work pays off? My belief experience will tell you how. I believe hard work really pays off in life.
Study for test it said on the board in letters. From the first day its been on the board so students will know what their doing that day. So that night I made sure I didn’t anything but study, so I won’t flunk the test the next day. Next day Mr. H past out the test and I was not nervous at all because I studied all night. He said we had to wait until tomorrow and then the next day came, he past my paper back tome and I got an A “yes”. If everyone will study hard and get an A, it will pay off on their grade in that class.
Doing hard work didn’t just stop there. 5th grade we had to do a big project for Mr. B for 100 points and when I got home I started on it. I was working really hard on it because I had to get a good grade if not I will fail that class. So I worked on it for an hour straight putting my best effort into it because it was due the next day. I worked on it some more, “yes” I finished. Next day came I turned it in and mine was the first one that he graded and I asked him what I got he said 98 out of 100 points. I’m glad I put my best effort into it. Doing a good job and working hard on this project paid off.
Working hard at school isn’t just the only thing that pays off. That Saturday at 8:30 I went to go work with my step dad. As soon as we got there I started to work hard and do a good job if I didn’t he would lose the job and I didn’t want that to happen. Well we finally got it done 10 minutes later, than want home and the next day the person that he works for called and said you did a good job and we said thanks.
What pays off? Hard work. Just if everyone will work hard like studying hard for a test it will really pay off.

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