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How Will You Make a Good Contribution to Our Company?

January 3, 2008
By Anonymous

I am confident that I am one of the best body repair men west of the Mississippi!! I do all kinds of jobs, anything you want, name it and I’ll do it! I am a hard worker and a good technician, and I have all the knowledge needed to fill the position of the auto body repair man at your shop!
I want to work at your shop and further my skills. I have graduated from Wyotech which is a very good auto repair school in Wyoming. I graduated last year with high honors and had great reviews by my teachers. I learned many great techniques and now have all the tools for the trade. I had a lot of hands on work in college and I think that makes me more skilled since I have done all these things before. I am not afraid of any challenge and don’t mind a changing work schedule daily. I like change and actually excel when new things are added.
I am a skilled worker and I have already had experience in a body shop. I worked at a dealership in my town and mentored under a very good body man. He taught me all he knew and instilled a good work ethic. He taught me to use all the tools and gadgets properly and safely. He also help me get my own set of tools, if you were wondering, I have a full set. He would teach me all the new ways to do things as well as the old school way of doing things. He knew a lot of little tricks for getting things done easier which I picked up. He also taught me to be patient and get the work done right the first time.
My mentor had all the right skills for the job and got me set up with those skills as well. I know I can do a good job and hope you will consider hiring me and if you do, I know you won’t regret it!

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