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Review of Columbia University College

February 27, 2010
By EleanorRigby PLATINUM, New York City, New York
EleanorRigby PLATINUM, New York City, New York
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In the bustling metropolis that is New York City, there stands one of the eight esteemed Ivy League colleges. This is Columbia University College, founded in 1754.

The Columbia campus, though small, is a source of community pride and convenience. Students and non-students alike can be spotted passing their time with a stroll from Amsterdam to Broadway, reading on the grass, or enjoying an afternoon lunch sitting on the steps of the Low Library. It has been known to host popular local events and various summer programs. I, along with a few friends, have had experiences with such programs and have found them to be delightful. The summer scene at Columbia is one of peace and relaxation, a fete not easy to achieve in a city such as this one.

Because of its size, Columbia students receive a beneficial amount of individual attention from the teachers and faculty. With over 70% of classes having fewer than 20 students, it is perfect for those who find large universities daunting. The school makes up for its size with a highly impressive array of choices in regards to majors, courses, clubs, extracurriculars, and even outside activities, a plus for being situated in New York. This list of possibilities is as follows: more than 80 majors, over 40 concentrations, hundreds of electives, over 300 clubs, and over 150 student groups (including social, religious, cultural, academic, athletic, political, literary, pre-professional, public-service, Greek, and more). It owns 22 libraries and offers over 40 foreign language courses. Not only is there something to satisfy every student’s taste and preference, but one can bask in the social and cultural richness that comes with learning in an urban environment. The school also presents a lottery program called Urban New York, which provides students with an opportunity to win free tickets to events around the city, allowing them to immerse themselves with the social setting. With an infinite list of museums, libraries, restaurants, and parks, a Columbia student finds that their campus is not only that between Amsterdam and Broadway, but extends to the very corners of the city.

In terms of housing and dining, nearly all Columbia students live on campus, and when they are hungry, there is no need to travel far. If the cafeteria is not to one’s liking, there are thousands of other places to eat. Many local food businesses also offer discounts to Columbia students.

Columbia has a very challenging core curriculum. It is a member of the Ivy League, after all. While the benefits of being admitted to the College are amazing, this type of school is not for everyone. The admissions process, as well as the next four years, requires patience and a vast amount of determination. What also may deter some students from this path is the cost of tuition, which is high but not surprising. The average cost of attendance, which includes room & board, books, personal costs, and other fees, sums up to about $54,789. However, Columbia offers multiple scholarships and also financial aid. About half of all students receive at least some sort of financial assistance, not to mention 80% of first-year students that receive need-based aid awards.

Most high-achieving New Yorkers who wish to remain in the city for the duration of their college experience have Columbia on their minds. Mixing in with the native New Yorkers are hard-driven students from all areas of the country, as well as foreign students (accounting for about 10% of the student body). For any student who wishes to succeed, Columbia College is more than worthy of consideration.

The author's comments:
As a high-schooler researching options for my future, Columbia struck me as worthy of interest. Not only is it close to home, but would provide so many opportunities. Here is my review after research.

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on Apr. 19 2010 at 6:13 pm
EleanorRigby PLATINUM, New York City, New York
28 articles 3 photos 53 comments

Favorite Quote:
"The optomist proclaims we live in the best of worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true." - James Branch Cabell

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