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     Blacksburg, VA: High school has gone by so quickly. Pretty soon I’ll be off to college, and when that time comes, I hope I can attend Virginia Tech. VT is the best I’ve seen in my college hunt and it looks like a great place to spend four years.

Blacksburg, Virginia is pretty much a college town with a beautiful downtown. On my campus tour I got to see most of VT’s dozens of beautiful stone buildings surrounding a huge grass marching ground where the ROTC trains. The school has over 20,000 students so it’s a great choice if you want a big school. Besides the picturesque buildings, I saw the humongous football stadium that is being enlarged, many appetizing food courts and restaurants, and the campus’ very own golf course.

At Virginia Tech there are different types of dorms depending on where you want to live, but all are nice. They are in great locations, too, so students have an easy time getting to classes and eating at any time. The campus is large but set up for the convenience of students. Everything is within walking distance. If you are not much of a walker or just get lazy, you can hop on a Hokie Transit bus that will take you around campus. There seems to be a lot to do with something always going on. Virginia Tech is big, beautiful, and seems perfect.

I am working hard with the hope that I will be accepted to VT. I know I will have a great college experience if I attend because it is an amazing school. I recommend that you take a trip to Blacksburg if this school sounds good to you. Find out more on their website:

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