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September 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Equality,is it sharing a bus seat or just a word polluted into our minds to hide what we fear as we have always been hostile to even our own opinions? Revolution has empowered us through reconciliation, but has it really freed us from our thoughts that are painted with odium and rage?Somewhere there,there is still a seven year old who walks kilos to go to school and still write with chalk on a concrete floor.While politicians lock horns to wipe their sweat and quench their thirst with bottled water.What is equality to you?people dont commit crime because they are only poor and penniless. they want to be equal.they want their child to say"daddy" because they can provide. But i guess we will never be equal,somebody will always have a curtain to share a shack and a wall to share a mansion.Our countries have been built on lot of things which we cannot equate to equality.

Today you can't make a proper choice without being cautious about will struggle to put a loaf of bread on a table and somebody will struggle to put a piece of cake on a coffee table. that's the unfortunate life of fortunes,punery and equality.

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