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Tarsiers In the Philippines

December 19, 2019
By HotCakes24 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
HotCakes24 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Hopping around branch to branch I run into a fellow tarsier. I want to know if there is any light snacks nearby because I had a case of the munchies but not to the point of starvation. I open my mouth and start bursting out my ultrasonic frequencies directly at him with pinpoint accuracy. As I’m shouting I notice to my left their is a human clearly eyeballing me with a puzzled look. I love how they can’t pick up my shouting, this always gives me a good chuckle. He’s probably fascinated by how big my eyes are in proportion to my body.

 I turned my attention back to my buddy over their on the branch chilling. He picks up what I’m putting down and sends me back a call saying that he just came from north where he heard numerous crickets chirping it up, but he couldn’t stop by, unfortunately he has to meet up with his wife and kids. I shout back that he should go meet up with them and bring them back north so we can all feast. He agrees and launches himself to a branch on his way to complete our mini mission for the day. 

I launch myself into the direction of the food in hopes of receiving my many luscious scrumptious rewards. As I’m launching myself branch to branch I start to hear their chirping more distinctly. I began picking up speed but I paused because my ears start tingling from another sound in the distance. I stay still on the branch and wiggle my ears in different angles to help me better pick up the second sound. The sound was making out as a type of slow slither movement so my immediate thought was that it’s most likely a snake, just a hunch but my ears haven’t failed me before and I like to think I have the best ears in north side. 

So many thoughts commenced raising through my mind, I didn’t know what to do at this point because I really wanted a snack. Sure, I wasn’t going to die of starvation, but my pleasure filled urges demanded for that utopia of crickets; seriously, I would kill for these crickets. I wanted to arrive at my desired destination devour plenty of crickets and bounce outta there like there’s no tomorrow, with a bloated stomach to the point of potential rupture, not kidding. And yes I recall that when this whole situation started I only wanted a “light snack” but guess what that was only because I didn’t want to sound needy, once it was made known that there was a land field of crickets my selfish desires got dialed up to 11. I was hankering for those crickets to satisfy my powerful cravings, however I was aware I had to go about this intelligently otherwise I could put my life or my newly met tarsier’s life in danger. 

This mini mission had quickly switched over to something way more serious. How I saw it was that I had to first take care of the family of tarsiers that are probably making their way here right now. After I inform them of the potential threat we would all wait patiently for the snake to eventually dismiss themselves from the scene. Full proof plan until I saw an unexpected cricket the size of a grapefruit just casually laying back on a leaf like it was a tanning bed. My mouth started watering, I had abandoned my plan at this moment, all was dropped because of a mere cricket.

 My excuse was that we tarsiers have very undersized brains, smaller than our eyes to be exact and because of this aspect I can’t really work of discipline. Impulse tends to steer the ship in situations like this, I just could not help myself. I quickly pounced on the carefree tasty looking cricket and I had zero regrets, it was so unbelievably delectable. This poor cricket strayed away from the pack and payed the ultimate price, something I was going to find relatable in a couple seconds. 

I see the tarsier I met earlier in the distance sending frequencies at me, the message has not reached me yet so I wasn’t bothered by it, still chewing on my delicious meal before the meal. When the message finally does reach me I realize they were warning me, I quickly turned around to a full view of a viper moving at top speed towards yours truly. I needed a change of diaper immediately, I was completely frozen in fear, I had already accepted my fate. But then the unanticipated happened, POW!!! A gunshot blasted the creature’s head off in gruesome fashion. We all look down to the sight of the human we saw before, what a perfect sequence of events. I wink at the human as a thank you for his good deed but I think he just thought I had something in my eye. He walks away heading south as we head north to finally receive are long deserved meal. It was a game of chess not checkers, someone here didn’t seem to get the memo, I wonder who.

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Rafael Alejandro Castaneda Lopez

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