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Greek Fiction Story

October 8, 2009
By Anonymous

There once lived a happy wolf in the middle of a giant forest who happily lived among pigs and trees and lived a happy life. Well, that is how most fantasies start, but I assure you this is no fantasy, this is based on a true story a true story about Arthen and Artimian, the two brothers who descended down from the Greek gods, Athena and Artemis. This tale is not about happiness, not about a happy wolf, it is merely the telling of a tale centuries old.

Arthen was a demigod; the demigod of war, and Artimian was the demigod of happiness, which is why they both had so many quarrels. Arthen always said,

“Kill them, kill them all!”

Artimian replied, “But that won’t make them happy!”

“It will, some people die with honor and valor which should make them happy!”

“But others die with sorrow and tragedy, and some even die from friendly fire!”

“You’re wrong!”

“No you’re wrong!”

As you can see, like most brothers 3 year apart, their quarrels were far too many, and they needed to fulfill the prophecy that had circled their heads before they were born. The prophecy of Ngor, which bound the brothers into the never-ending cycle of life. This prophecy was said to have the powers to resume light upon the dark place of Akloria and bestow the kingdom of the two brothers with eternal sanctity from the gods.

As many of these fantasies go, there is always a challenge that the two heroes need to pass first, something along the lines of killing animals, rescuing maidens, or fighting, but none of these even slightly compare to the task bestowed on our two brothers.

“Arthen, get ready, we’re going to see a movie!”

“Be right there, let me get my golden scepter and my bronze helmet”

“We’re in the 21st century, that stuff is history, keep it at home, we don’t need any extra attention than we already get”

Arthen and Artimian were both 7 feet tall, and besides the Empire State building, 7 feet tall, men with blue hair, definitely would attract my attention.

“Hurry up Arthen, the movie starts at 9”

“I’m hurrying, I’m hurrying, hold your horses, geez!”

“I’m already getting them ready!”

Artimian was outside on the carriage, ready to be the stagecoach and proceed to the movie theater like royalty. You may be wondering why they still have a carriage in the 21st century, right. Well, since the brothers were demigods, they have slight immortality, longer than most humans anyway. They get to live for two millenniums apiece, which means that both the brothers were born in 1000, where Artimian fell in love with the carriage, and didn’t want to upgrade to a more modern way of society, he wanted to keep his luxurious and British way upheld.

“Artimian, leave that thing at home, the theater is only 2 blocks away!”

Artimian replied, with his patented British accent, “I savvy my means of travel better than you savvy yourself, boy.”

Arthen laughed hysterically, first because his brother was out of his mind, and then because he saw that the horses were merely bones. Little did they know, that their trip to the movie theater would be the last one for one of the two of them.

They both boarded the carriage and went down to the theater, on their way, they made a quick rest stop and found that they were at the theater. They took their tickets and went on to theater 5, they took their seats way in the back, because they couldn’t take them in the front since they were 7 feet tall. The theater was packed with people waiting to see Greek’s Fenita, one of most overrated movies since 1943. During the movie, there was always this one man, who kept turning around and glancing at the two men.

“They are the ones.”

As the movie ended, the two demigods exited the theater as normal men would, but then they met a new unforeseem obstacle. Once they went through the sliding double doors, they were in another world. They had been teleported by that same mysterious man, into a place called Devil’s Belch Canyon. This place was made out of sandstone and peppered with shimmering red, orange and tan rocks everywhere. They only problem was the place where they had been teleported to, the top of the mountain, into the freezing cold weather.

“Curious ain’t it, that we get finished watching a movie about mountains, and then get teleported to the top of a mountain” said Arthen.

“Curious? This isn’t curious, it’s horrific, bombastic, scary, appalling, shocking, ghastly, and disheartening!” yelled Artimian.

“Well, we could just make the best of our predicament, but instead you want to go and freak out and complain right; great just great.”

“No, that’s not what I meant, I actually only meant to….” Artimian stopped midsentence, because a man was coming over the horizon, and approaching quickly. “Arthen, quick, Arthen.” Arthen was observing his surroundings and figuring out how to make the best from their situation, which seemed grim at the moment.

“Hello, Artimian, hello Arthen, follow me and your lives won’t be in danger anymore.”

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