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Dark Angel

October 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Ch.1 Peaks of interest.

Most people don’t read stories that begins with a swear word, but this is how this story begins.
“Lureana don’t swear!”
“Then shut up gabby!”
“Hey don’t call mew that! You know my name isn’t gabby!”
Lureana was indeed supposed to be the more mature sister, after all she was at sixteen years of age and that is a proud age for a young hylian woman.
“I wouldn’t swear if you were so annoying!” She shouted at her sister.
“Why don’t you just grow up!” Her sister shouted back as she slammed the door behind her.
“Good riddance.” Lureana said to herself. “She’s such a brat.”
Lureana spent most of her morning preparing for “the inspection”. Being raised by a strict, rich family probably wasn’t the best for a free and wandering spirit such as hers.
“I wish I could get out of this place and have an adventure, instead of being trapped inside this house with my little sister but…mum probably wouldn’t allow it.”
“Lureana… Lureana get down here quickly before he arrives.” A high female voice said.
“Coming!” She shouted.
Lureana quickly put her golden-brown hair in a braid and ran down the spiral stairs through her parent’s mansion.
“I’m here. She said catching her breath.”
“Oh darling you look… what’s wrong with your hair?” Her mother asked.
It was then that lureana noticed one of her bangs wasn’t pulled back, she like her hair that way.
“Nothing’s wrong with it mum.” She replied.
“Oh don’t be ridiculous, sit down and fix your hair and sit in the chair in perfect fashion.”
Now don’t get me wrong, lureana’s mother was a beautiful, strong, and confidant woman, but she was also a little bit controlling.
“Sit down, legs straight, fix you under skirt…”
“Ok already just let me do it and leave me alone for once.” Lureana said to herself as her mom stretched on about everything to do with the subject of being perfect.
“… And you will defiantly be picked!” Her mom smiled as she looked like a child about to receive some candy.
There were short, sharp knocks at the door, lureana’s mother jumped from her seat and walked very quickly to the door, there was a short man that walked through the door, down the hall, and into the room where lureana was sitting.
“Your name?” The man said in a gruff voice.
“Lureana.” She replied.
The man was known as “the checker” he was a short man, about 4ft 3in. tall, had a sort pointed grey beard and silver glasses on the edge of his pointy nose, he also had a cane with a silver knob on the top.
“Which lord is you father?” He continued.
“The third of the nine.”
“Do you think, believe, and respect that the prince chooses correctly and wisely beyond any doubt?”
“Stand up then child.” He said as he walked toward her.
Lureana stood up and walked to the center of the room with as much grace as a doe, the checker walked around her, examining her with a type of slow motion.
“Good posture… fair hair… good legs… lift up your hands child.” He asked her as he came to the front of her.
Lureana lifted up her hand and let the checker feel all over her hands, he gave a gesture for her to lower them as he walked over to her very excited mother.
“She’s a little thin.” The checker explained. “Probably 2-5 pounds off which is not a good sign to bearing sons… but she checks on everything else.”
“So… is she on the list?” Her mother squealed in delight.
The checker paused for a moment and started leaving the room before answering “yes”.
“I can’t believe were going to the castle!” Lureana’s sister squealed.
“Would you please control yourself? We are in public.” Lureana said to her sister.
“Oh fine.” Her sister replied.
Her sister was basically a younger version of her mother, black hair, and very beautiful for a ten year old, gaberisa looked around the central square and noticed something strange, she started to tug on lureana’s dress.
“Hey sis, why are they picking on that old man over there?” She asked as she pointed to a few boys picking on an old man.
“Hey, knock it off!” Lureana shouted as she walked over to them, the boys walked away as she realized that the man was her old friend geb.
“Hey geb, are you alright?” She asked.
“Oh I’m fine.” He grumped. “If I had that monster with me those punks wouldn’t even think of messing with me.”
“Monster… what monster geb?”
Geb’s face became serious; he looked all around him before gesturing for lureana to listen.
“Listen carefully young lass.” He whispered. “There is a monster that lives in the woods to the north of us, I saw him with my own two eyes, his eyes glow blood red at night and he has claws longer and sharper than a mountain cat’s, he’s strong enough to rip a man’s head off with one of his hands.”
“So why doesn’t he leave the woods?” She asked with pure curiosity in her eyes.
“Because… he wishes to be left alone… or at least that’s what I hear, but young lass don’t ever go into those woods… promise me.”
“Don’t worry geb, I won’t.”
Of course in lureana’s mind she was lying, this could be the only adventure she could ever have in her life before she left for her new home and also geb was known as the “village nut” so she didn’t take his advice seriously, so through out the day she made her plans to escape her prison because after all, her interest and lust for adventure had finally broken through.

The author's comments:
this has been an idea i've had for a while, inspired by my love for fantasy. you can read the rest at this adress http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/story/story_preview.php?storyid=4846083&chapter=1

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