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February 18, 2010
By tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
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I am screaming. But I can’t hear a sound. Gunfire cackled and the simple plaster walls now looked like cheese that you see in cartoons. With hundreds and hundreds of holes. A flash bang grenade shattered the window and fell into the simple dinning room.
I swore loudly and dropped the M16 in my hands, there was an explosion and a long high pitched constant noise. My vision was foggy with the smoke of the flash bang grenade. I pulled myself together, grabbed my gun and sprayed the walls with bullets. One of our own men fell with irregular crimson shapes across his shirt, and then another.

This is war.16th April 4762

‘None of us can make it on our own! Pull you together’ I cried at the people that were my comrades. ‘c’mon’.
I hope I can do this, god I hope I can do this. ‘Put a cigarette at my toes and follow my lead’ I shouted.

Brazil, somewhere. A nameless shanty town that has long been abandoned.

A cigarette is what we called a smoke nade.
God I pray I can do this.
Before the smoke nade even reached my feet I sprayed the wall in front of me.
Please work, please work, please work.
The grenade started pouring out smoke.
It’s now or never.
This was the stupidest thing I had ever done in my life. I found out later I broke two ribs in the process.
Is charged at the solid wall. Through smoke, through dust, ash and bullets.
God I am retarded for doing this.
I ran straight through smoke, dust, bullets etc etc... Through wood and gyprock, peeling paint and probably some roaches. Head first into the enemy

Isaac Johnson. 18 yrs old. Halteese solder. Freedom fighter. Dividing war.

When I burst through the wall on the other side was ranks and ranks of enemy solders. I threw my self down behind a bench. The enemies were armed with AK-47s, the muzzles flashed on them and bullets sprayed through the park bench. I was forced to dive behind a large dumpster. My men came through the hole I made late. They had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I asked them to throw a smoke grenade at me, so it was only natural to hesitate. I tossed a grenade at a couple of enemy solders near a car. The grenade exploded and the men went flying. The car exploded afterwards, spraying the surrounding areas with a deadly shower of metal. Two other solders fell in the shower.
‘Always outnumbered, never outgunned!’ I shouted at my troops they shouted back. I stepped out from behind my shelter and I sprayed two men with a hail of gunfire. I stepped back.
God damn my side hurts
I ran up the wall next to me and grabbed the edge of the dumpster. I hauled myself up. Now I had a brilliant vantage point. I shot six unsuspecting solders then dragged myself on the roof of the house next to me. The simple tin roof threatened to fall in but luckily it didn’t in one of the back alleys there was a hummer with a turret on the roof. I tossed a grenade at it and I didn’t hesitate to throw the next one in rapid succession. It exploded into flames. I saw to of my comrades get shot. ‘It’s all up to you’ one of our other solders said. I knew I had to do. I dashed towards the edge of the building and leapt onto a car the shielded two enemy solders. I shot them with ease. I tossed a grenade into the enemy ranks so focused on the enemy in front of them, not noticing the single solder behind them. Half of them were wiped by the grenade two were clearly injured. I started spraying bullets.
We all went silent and then we all went into a triumphant yell ‘we one! We one’ one solder shouted ‘damn straight!’ another yelled. And then we fell silent again. There was a sound like a cleaver hitting a chopping board with inhuman speed. One of our solders swore. The filthy word seemed to echo across the battle field ‘chopper!’ he shouted and dashed for cover we all stopped and thought for half a second. The next four seconds seemed to go in slow motion. I kicked off and ran for the cover of home that now looked like it was made of cheese. Out of the corner of my vision I saw a large black dart hit a roof and, like some magic trick, half of the house disappeared in a puff of smoke. I dived the last few meters through the doorway that I made. I hit the floor and went still. The great black metal hornet still hovered around the battlefield no doubt it will start shooting again. I heard something tapping the floor so I turned my head in the direction that it was coming from. There was an allied solder their. He put his finger on his lips, he looked scared. Then he tossed me an RPG. A rocket propelled grenade. It was heavy and it landed square on my chest. It knocked the wind out of me. I picked up the weapon and pointed it at the metal hornet through the doorway. I chewed my lip.
‘God damn it stop moving.’ I hissed. And then I fired. The recoil was tremendous. The rocket that I fired left a trail of white smoke. It hit the side of the cockpit and the chopper exploded into flames and much like a hornet it droned loudly as it went down. When it hit the ground it exploded into a fire ball that shook the earth.
Quiet. Deathly quiet
And then men crawled from their hiding places.
‘Who fired the missile?’ a solder said breaking the silence.
‘I did’ I said quietly as I moved towards the metal burning skeleton of the helicopter.
‘You made quite a mess’ a soldier said lighting a cigarette with a smile ‘Evac should be here soon. Sparky gave them a phone call.’
And as soon as he finished saying that sentence their was the sound of chopper blades in the air. We went to board the plane a random guy in the chopper said to us ‘ hey I know you’ve been through a hell of a lot today but your Oscar mike at an outpost twenty klicks from here ,hooah’
‘HOO RAH’ we all shouted back. I was second last on the chopper. The last guy was the soldier with the cigarette ‘well that cig was short lived’ he said stamping into the ground. ‘My names jack’ he said to me ‘you?’
‘Isaac’ I said. ‘Let’s hit the road.

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i just started typing random junk to pass my writers block and i came up with an idea

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