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key5716 part2

June 8, 2010
By wearewed BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
wearewed BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
never let your eyes tell your heart what to feel but let your heart teel your eyes what to see

A lot of information came easy to me and apparently the twins. The thing was they were different. Rena was outspoken, loud, and loved fun whale Remy was more quite and still like me. Remy had gone home a few hours later and Rena stayed for a sleepover. She was pretty happy to find Tess slept in my room. Rena said that Remy was her only sibling so it was pretty lonely sometimes and how she wanted a younger sibling forever. My parents didn’t believe in fast food neither did I so my dad cooked dinner that night. It was chicken pasta with tomato sauce. Oh it was so good. The highlight of the night was when Tess threw a noodle at my mom who burst out laughing which truly delighted Tessa. She thought that it was funnier then anything shed ever done. I could feel my face redden as Rena looked at me with a Huh? Look on her face I shrugged. I saw a slight smile slowly creep on to her face. I took a bite and I was filled with warmth the tomato juice that pulsed though only a small amount was convulsing with the savory flavor that wrapped around and coated the noodles whale the tender chicken melted in with the flavors. I really loved the pasta and was glad I could cook it. I was really glad that I had a friend like Rena who seemed to care less about my family being a little smarter. We decided to watch a movie and make popcorn. We decided to make real cheesy popcorn not with that flavoring that you get from the store. But genuine fresh grated cheese that you add on when the popcorn was nice and hot a really good treat.

We decided to watch the princess bride which was one of our favorite movies and books. The story was a classic fairy tale about a young woman who falls in love with the young man who works for her and her family after finding out he loved her first. And is then horrified and heartbroken by his supposed murder. Until she meets him in a disguise when he reveals himself only to find she was being forced to marry a evil prince and it is just about them finding love and escaping together. It was one of my favorite stories. And I will not reveal the end to you. You should go out and get the movie and book because they’re so different. That night Rena and I were getting into bed Tess had been asleep for a few hours now and we wee talking.
“So do you like my family?” I asked
“Well” she began Then laughed when she saw my face which was red” I’m kidding” she laughed “I love them”
“Sure your sister is real cute funny to”
“She still thinks everything is funny”
“I should take some food home my brother would love it.”

I suddenly realized I really like Rena and Remy as well. But there was something about Rena. She would come to be a great friend and almost like a sister. This I realized just when I herd the soft breathing coming from the floor. And I slowly fell into a soft sleep of my own. I was suddenly in an area surrounded by trees in the distance I could hear a soft trail of music. I was sitting on a bed of flowers in a meadow. Wait, wasn’t I in a forest? The music trailed from some where I started walking slowly and turned when I had turned in an angle where the music turned stronger sound I walked towards it curious. All of a sudden I was in a strange camp where women and men alike were in a trance like state. And the middle was Tess on a stick she was moaning and crying and her figure rocked wildly. And then she screamed a piercing scream when she was set on fire…

I bolted right up in my bed sweat soaked my hair. My breathing had gone ragged. I heard my alarm start to go off and hit it quickly Rena was still asleep. I quickly looked in Tess’s crib sound asleep. I crept out of the room silently. The sky was bright and morning was new. As I stepped outside after getting dressed I sat on the lawn and from there I saw a sight to odd to be real. A man was talking to his dog who seemed to understand comprehend and then it talked. I herd a gasp Rena was outside dressed in jeans and a tee. What was that? We snuck back in as the dog got angrier and mad.
“That was weird” Rena said
“Yeah I never seen that man or his dog”
“Same here”
“Girls” my father called “you’re awake”.
We spun around to my dad who was smiling. There came delicious smells from the kitchen. My dad was making eggs omelets waffles sausages bacon and granola. My Mom came down with Tess in one arm that was wriggling and reaching out. How did we not notice all off this? When we came down. We sat at the table in front of what must have been a large feast. I picked up a sausage and bit into it the savory juices flowed into my mouth when I bit into it like a gush of meaty flavor. My mom winked and fed small pieces of waffle to Tess who tasted it a clapped her hands. Ha-ha the kid likes waffles. We really lucked out that time when we fed her human food instead of those stupid jars of mashed fruits and vegetables. As long as we fed her small pieces of good food she would be set. We could check that of the lists of foods Tess hasn’t tried those could be good snacks for her. Rena tapped my arm
“WOW these are good are you sure your dad isn’t a famous chef in disguise?” she asked
“Yeah I am sure.” I laughed
“Or a spy?” she guffawed
“What are you girls talking about?” my mom asked
“Rena said you’re a spy good joke” I cried

My parents shared a glance for a minute and went on with their breakfast. I arched my eyebrow at them and they smiled. I left it at that. Did I really need to know? Rena left after breakfast and I took Tess up to our room to play. I set Tess down and got out a small cloth I placed it on her head and pulled it away
“peek-a-boo” I yelled

Tess clapped her hands in joy. She covered her eyes and babbled I looked taken aback which delighted her to no end. I tickled her as I grabbed her.
“Time for a nap Tess’ I told her. She stared blankly and gave me a toothy grin. And then she opened her mouth a long yawn came out and she smiled contently. I laid her in her crib. I was ready to hear her cries of protest but she was asleep. I scanned the bookshelf and pulled out a book of short stories and settled inside a little alcove next to the window. I tugged on the rough string pulling down with one hand as I replaced it with the other to reveal the bright evening sun that blasted through my windows I sat down and curled up I began to read after what felt like some time I heard a short cry. I looked over to the crib Tess was asleep. Then it came again. I pushed the switch outward and gripped the bottom of the window. A dim light still filtered through as I poked my head out. I blinked once and tried to adjust my eyes to the dark space. A small creature that I couldn’t recognize was hunched over on the lawn. Again another high pitched peal this time louder and longer came from the small hunch. A small flicker caught my eye and the curtain pulled back from the window across the street a moment later it was gone and so was the creature after I blinked once.
Two Years Later…………….

“Tess are you having fun?” I asked we were at the park Tess was on the swing she could do it herself.
“Lots of fun Jess what’s the time? Am I really a genius?” she babbled Tess could talk all day on that when she was happy. I was lost in thought out of the corner of my eye I saw Tess look at me and shrug. She was three now and talking in full sentences. I glanced at my watch. Now that I was sixteen I could drive Tess around though she preferred to walk. Walker our dog that we had gotten on Tess’s second birthday lay at my feet. His light snoring droned out
“Well it is just about 6:30” I answered
“But since its summer we still have a half hour right?” she pleaded she only cared since she was in first grade already a genius remember?
“yes on most days but we need to walk Walker the longer way plus uncle George is coming for dinner we have to be there” I told her
“Oh well then lets Go” she hopped off the swing and Walker woke up grunting he fluttered if great Danes could flutter to Tess’s side. She smiled and patted him on the back and hopped up onto the level ground. I stood from the bench I had been sitting on and grabbed Tess’s hand and begin to walk towards the gate with walker at our heels. We stopped at the gate and I quickly hooked up the leash to Walkers collar. As Tess slipped trough the gate I followed she with walker after a few minutes of walking I offered Tess her stroller which was being rolled along and she refused.

About an hour later we had been on our way home and Tess was in her stroller. Up ahead I could see the shape of our house and I smiled Tess hopped out when I stopped and Walkers began to bark.
“No Walker bad boy” I commanded I held his eyes for a few seconds and repeated my command. He stopped barking and we moved on.
“Good boy” said and rubbed his ear
“Good boy” Tess repeated.
We walked up towards the house where our uncle was sitting on the porch. Tess ran screaming
“Unca George” she was still a three year old.
“Hey kiddos how are you? You really haven’t changed much” uncle sullen said.
“Hi uncle sullen it is nice to see you!” I smiled

We went on inside and the fumed of food floated through the kitchen
“Steve whatcha making?” my uncle asked his brother.
My fathers head popped through the kitchen door “not much just spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and spinach pockets.” He smiled and went back to the kitchen. My uncle followed him in walker looked up at me with those startling grey-blue eyes. He put a paw up on my shoulder and whined.
“Walker what’s wrong?” I asked but before I could open my mouth again there was a large blast.
“Tess! Walker? Mom? Dad?” I cried I swept Tess into my arms and pulled on Walker’s leash. I set Tess on Walker’s back and pulled open the door. “Go” I ordered him he ran out the Door

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