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Eternal Night : Chapters 6 & 7

July 16, 2010
By SerraAngel GOLD, Buchanan, Michigan
SerraAngel GOLD, Buchanan, Michigan
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Chapter 6

When Dominic comes home he’s even worse (If that’s possible). A soon as he comes in he slams the French door. “Cameron, I have to speak with you privately.” He says clearly agitated. He pulls me into the nearest closet. “I helped out Victoria again. Today it was a cat.” “Again?” I repeated. Lately dead animals have been found everywhere, but luckily Victoria finds them first and heals them. I look at him closer. He’s keeping something

Photo credit: Michelle M., Plainview, NYfrom me, but I’ll ask him about it later we had bigger things to worry about. “Uh, how long are we going to stay in here? We have a guest.” I opened the door and there stood a large man and a woman in dark suits. The woman, who’s name was Susan, raised a finely arched eye brow. “It seems as though we have an unwanted visitor in the area.” The man said in a gruff voice. Lily appeared behind us. “What’s the problem?” “There have been the deaths of animals.” Susan answered, “Caused by Vampires.” Lily grew pale. Well…paler than usual. “Vampires …you mean more than one?” Sue and her partner exchanged a worried glance. “Well …no. See there are only tracings of one vampire.” She answered, “But a strong one… a very strong one.”

Chapter 7

“So I’m going to wear a purple, to the knee, sleeveless dress. Rebekah is wearing a long floor length red dress. And I don’t know what Katlyne is wearing.” Alison said. “Mm hmm.” I answered still doodling on my piece of paper. “Elle are you even listening?” she asked. “Huh, oh yeah.” I said looking up.

I had another dream that night. It was dark and I was walking but everything looked different. Horse drawn carriages filled the streets and everyone was wearing fancy gowns. I looked down and saw I was wearing one too. It was black with gold lacing. I looked around and noticed a girl. Her hair was black. I looked closer, her eyes were black too. But strangely she fit in to the surroundings. She began to walk towards me, but I was scared and backed away. “Elle.” She called her voice sounded familiar. “Elle.” She repeated.

“Elle!” I woke up and got out of bed. “Elle get up! You better not be late for school.” My mother called. I groaned “Mom, it’s Saturday!” I called back. She shuffled through some papers. “Oh I guess it is. Never mind, sorry.” She answered. ‘Well I’m already up.’ I thought as I walked down the stairs. “Elle, Alison called twice this morning.” My mom said before handing me the phone. Then I started remembering what happened yesterday and my talk with Cameron. “I’ll call her back.” I took the phone to my room and dialed in Alison’s phone number. “Guess what just happened.” Alison squealed. I yawned “I give up.” “Dominic didn’t ask me to the dance but Cody Johnson did. And it’s ok because I saw Dominic talking to some other girl so I think they’re going together.” Cody Johnson is a boy that goes to our school. He’s pretty funny, and skinny, but he plays soccer. He has brown hair and brown eyes. “So what is Cameron going to wear?” she asked. I thought for a while. “I’m not sure.” I answered.

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