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January 13, 2011
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Rrrrriiiiinnnnnggggggggg, Rrrrriiiiinnnnnggggggggg, rrrrrrrriiiiiinnnggggggggg.

“My phone is ringing off the hook!” Superman exclaimed.
“Why does the mayor keep calling me?”
“I do not know.” Mrs. Superman said. Well, superman is being paged my the mayor because the Golden Metal Mouth Man is robbing the ice cream shop down town, and the major needs someone to help stop him.
“Alright, I should probably go down town and see what all this ruckus is about, but maybe I’ll just wait until after I eat some ice cream, and watch the rest of Cakes Eternity.”
“I don’t know if you should wait though, there could be something bad going on down town.” Mrs. Superman pointed out.
Superman started feeling some sudden zaps coming from his power suit, but he didn’t suspect anything to be wrong. As the day went on, and the phone kept ringing, Superman’s powers started weakening, but still, he decided that nothing was wrong, Mrs. Superman did not have powers, but she thought that her husband needed to go the In Powers Corporation to get a new power suit. Within the next hour Superman was full of Captain Crunch cereal, and Superman flavored ice cream, so he decided, feeling weak, that he needed to take a nap. Hours and hours later, Superman awoke from his deep sleep, and crazy dreams. He dreamed that the mayor had ate a bug, and that a bug ate the mayor.
“Alright has the phone stopped ringing yet?” Superman giggled because he was still sleepy.
“Nope, and that’s why I think that you should recharge your powers on your suit, and go down town to see why Major Jenidotipans keeps calling you.” Mrs. Superman replied.
“Well I feel… dirty, so I’m going to go and take a shower.”
“But you really need to go down town and see what is going on.” Mrs. Superman exclaimed.
“Hmmm… maybe later.” Superman turned on the water and stepped in to the shower, as soon as he stepped foot in to shower, and the water hit his power suit he started getting electrocuted, but he thought that it was just the light bulb.
“Okay, so maybe I should go down town and see what’s going on, because I can hear screaming out the window.” Superman said.
“Good, it’s about time.” Mrs. Superman replied. As Superman headed down his stair case he tripped on a lady bug, which caused him to fall and break his pinky finger. Instead of going down town to see what was going on, Superman headed back up stairs to his wife.
“What in the world are you doing back up here?” she asked.
“Well.” He said “I tripped over a lady bug on my way down the stairs, and fell really hard on my pinky finger and broke it.”
“GO DOWN TOWN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed at him. “FINE.” He screamed back. Superman headed back out the door, and walked around the stable lady bug. He reached the outdoors of his apartment, when he seen that the whole town was caught on fire. And everyone was screaming. Superman started up his superman power suit, but it wouldn’t turn on. So he tried again, and his super suit started to light up and charge. He activated his flying powers, and he started off into the air. Superman got all the way to town when his powers started all the way up. Superman seen the Mayor so he headed down to see what was happening.
“What in the world is happening?” Superman asked
“Well, maybe if you would have been answering your phone you would know, now wouldn’t you?” The Mayor snapped back.
“Well I needed to nap, eat, and take a shower.” “Oh so you have to put yourself before your family, friends, and job huh?” as Superman and the Mayor kept going at it, the town kept burning and burning. The Golden Metal Mouth Man had caused all of this damage, but Superman does not know that yet.
“Okay I’m done fighting with you; will you just tell me what happened here please?” Superman said.
“Well, the Golden Metal Man had came town down around 7:30am this morning, and walked in to ice cream shop across the road from Lens Carkey, the waiter asked him what he would like, had he held up a bag then…”
“Wait I’m confused… who?” Superman interrupted.
“Alright Superman, you are like two inches away from being fired so you either listen up, or go back home because I am done.”
“Okay, I’m sorry, continue.”
“Well, he told the cashier to put all of the money in the bag, so that’s what Wilson did.” “Who’s Wilson?” Superman asked
“SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH!!!!!!!” the Mayor yelled.
“Sorry, sorry.”
“Okay, well after he robbed the store he went and lit the whole town on fire and that’s when I called you because you are the bravest man that I know and I really need you to stop him, and get the money back, then put out the fire, because if you do that it will mean a lot to me, and all of the others in the town.”
“Well, I don’t know because fires kind of scare me, and what if he has a gun, with water in it, then I could get all wet…” Superman said.
“I can not believe what I am hearing, you were always brave, what has happened to you?” the Mayor asked.
“Well, I feel like this just is not what I wan to do anymore, because I am risking my life, for others and I feel like I need to be more selfish, and do something for my self for once.”
“LIKE WHAT?” the mayor asked.
“well I don’t know, like go home and take a nap, eat more ice cream, and stop being a super hero, I mean seriously where has this gotten me, well sure I have gotten some nice awards and money, and trophies but I think it’s time to give up.”
“But you’re the only person on this whole earth that can save us, and everyone here really needs you.” The mayor said.
“Well, I think that I am going to go home and take a nap, so I will see you guys later, have fun taking care of this mess.”
“Okay so you’re quitting?”
“No I’m just done being a super hero”
“Alright then you’re fired, what do you think of that?”
“I don’t care I’ll be home resting, if you need anything just call, but I probably won’t answer.”
“Wait Superman, come back here…”
“Why in the world would you want to quit the best job in the world, so you can just go home and rest?”
“Well, I will do anything to keep you here, to work for me. So what do you say.” The Mayor was trying to convince him to stay and work for him, but Superman just sat back listening, almost as if he didn’t care.
“Well” Superman said after about twelve minutes of listening to the Mayor.
“I’ve thought long and hard about what you have said, but I think that saving the world is getting boring and tiring, so I do not think that it is a good idea for me to do something that I do not want to do, because I will not put any effort into it, and we will end up where we are right now.” Superman pointed out to the Mayor.
“Okay, Superman if you really wan to give up that easily, then you’re fired, I guess I’ll see you around.” The mayor implied.
“Okay, Bye.” Superman went home to his wife.
“Is everything okay down town?” she asked.
“Well, I got fired, so yeah.”
“Oh no, I’m so sorry, let me get you some ice cream.”

All in all, Superman wanted to do, was what was in his mind, which was eating ice cream. Superman never went back to being a Super hero; he just stayed home with his wife and ate ice cream. The Mayor elected Super Woman as a new super hero in town, and she is still in training.
“I’m glad that I am not doing that anymore” Superman said.
“Now I can stay home with you, and eat all the ice cream I want.”

The author's comments:
this is a story with a twist

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