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January 24, 2011
By Karma_Crow PLATINUM, Savannah, Georgia
Karma_Crow PLATINUM, Savannah, Georgia
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"Behold thy sorrow of the tears that streak down our cheek and made upon of what he is. Behold our sorrow that we hold within us. Show ye thee of the how we feel of each of us."- Lestat

“Hey!” said a voice from behind me. I didn’t sit up, just glancing behind me. Oh, he’s cute. I sat up, to get a better look of him. He was not cute, but sexy. Dark tan skin, shoulder-length thick black hair, and dark green emerald eyes. He smiled at me, bright white teeth. I knew what he saw of me before I sat up. Black hair, a river flow of it down my back, pale skin, and bright violet eyes. He was leaned against the bar of the bench, looking at me. “Hey,” I said with a quick smile. I pulled a brush out of my backpack on the ground and ran it through my hair. I still looked at him, watching me. “What are you doing here?” he said, softly. His voice was roughly pleasant and sent a tingle down my spine. He gestured around him and I smiled. I was in a historic area, lying down on a bench. “I was watching the stars and the full moon. D*** clouds covered them up,” I said, putting my brush away. He looked up with a quick smile and shrugged. He sat beside me quickly, still smiling.

I shrugged and moved over to give him room. He felt warm and I shivered again. “So why are you talking to me?” I asked honestly. He shrugged and smiled, saying, “I wanted to ask you something.” A shadow of movement in the trees caught my attention. It was a man wearing a black fedora and a leather trench coat. He was glancing at over at us, his body tense. The guy looked back at me, his eyes flashing to the man. “And what was that, boy?” The man was slowly walking to us, his body even more tense. “Would you, my pretty lady have a going with me? As if…a date?” I had to chuckle at his braveness. None have asked me out before and here this man comes out of nowhere and he asks me out. I must say yes for his braveness.

“I wouldn’t go out with him if I were you, girl,” said a sharp voice from beside them. I looked up, seeing that man. His face was covered with the shadows of his fedora and the collar of his trench coat. I glared at him with a snarl and the guy chuckled softly. “And why wouldn’t I?” I said, my voice sharp. The guy beside me chuckled and rubbed my leg gently calming me. “He’s a monster. One of myth.” The guy beside me shook his head and I sighed. “Oh really now? Why foretell me?” The guy beside me chuckled and squeezed my knee. “I have a name, you know?” he said, flashing his teeth again. The man standing over us looked at me, still speaking of me, “Yes you do, boy. Kimpa is his name. He is a monster, a lupus.” I laughed now, laughing hard. “You call Kimpa a-a wolf? What are you? Nothing but a freak that comes up to me to tell me not to date him? I don’t even know you!” I continued to laugh, but my anger showed. Kimpa smiled at me, but glared at the man.

The man made the mistake of grabbing my arm tightly, enough to bruise. Kimpa snarled and jumped up as the man pulled me to him. I didn’t struggle, but waited. I thought Kimpa knew that as he glared at the man. I was sure he could see the glint in my eyes and the way my body posture was held. “Let-her-go,” he snarled each word. His eyes were now on the man who was laughing. “Do you even know her name?” Kimpa snarled again and I glanced up at the sky. The clouds were starting to move, showing the moon. “I know her, Mason. Her name is of the beautiful of them: Kiki.” Kimpa still circled us, his eyes on Mason. “Now mam, I suggest you come with me and I will explain everything. You do not need to be with a monster.” I shrugged as Kimpa snarled again. He gripped Masons’s shoulder tightly.

Within a flash of movement I found myself against the other side of the bench and Mason on the ground. Kimpa was hunched over him, blood trailing on the ground. I watched them struggle, Mason losing. I watched them with a sick smile, finding myself not caring of Mason. Kimpa slowly stood up, his body trembling from heavy self-control. He smiled at me and quickly knelt down before me. “Kiki,” he growled softly, taking my hands in his own. He kissed my lips and we both smiled. I glanced at Mason, watching him struggle to look at me. “A monster. You’re with a monster,” he gasped. His eyes closed for the last time, monster the last words on his lips.

I awoke up from my dream of the memory with a gasp and smiled. I turned in the bed to wrap my arms around that very monster I kissed that night so long ago.

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"You're with a Monster."

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