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Burned Hearts

March 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Diana was as frightened as the night is dark, this ordinary Saturday. She was just getting on her pajamas when it struck. Heat blazed in her eyes and sweat trickled down her cheeks as she ran for her life.
Sydney and Diana were best friends at their sleepover when the lightning struck and started burning her home to the ground. The two best friends had been watching what had been happening to the houses in California, but they never thought that the same thing would happen to them on the other side of the country.
Diana and her family lived in a large apartment building outside of Manhattan, New York, and nothing too bad had ever happened to them. Well, Diana and her family didn’t think that this would ever happen to them, and were not prepared.
Smoke was filling the house, and windows and doors were blocked. “What are we going to do? We are going to die if we don’t get out of here within 30 seconds!” Sydney cried. Diana was speechless. In the kitchen, where they were, it was black with all the filthy smoke. “The fire escape! Climb out the window over the sink and we just have to climb down the ladder. HURRY!” The girls were on the 2nd story of the building, and were climbing for their lives.
Desperately, the two friends pushed themselves out the window and onto the metal balcony. “Go faster!” Sydney yelled. Though the two were alone and 16 years old, nobody could withstand the fear for their life. As Diana called 911 on her cell phone, Sydney called her parents on hers. Shaking while talking, they heard sirens rushing to the penthouse apartment building. “My parents are going to kill me.” Diana thought. “Well, one good thing came out of this.” Sydney said with a nervous smile. “We have an excuse for not doing our homework, it got turned into ashes!” she said with a giggle. “You know, you can make a joke out of anything can’t you?” Diana smiled.
About a half of an hour later, both of the girl’s parents arrived. Surprisingly, they weren’t mad at all. Though all of their stuff had been burnt to a crisp, they were just relieved that their kids were all right. “What happened?” Both parents said with a hard breath. “There was a fire, but everybody is all right.” The fireman replied. “Oh, I am so happy that both of you are okay!” My mother said while hugging us. I was surprised that she wasn’t mad, but how could she be? I mean, would she rather have her house or her daughter? I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but I had to. Freak accidents happen… And just because you may lose something in the process, doesn’t mean that something can’t come out of it!

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