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Mission 1

August 30, 2011
By DirectingGabs GOLD, Texas, Texas
DirectingGabs GOLD, Texas, Texas
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I aimed for my target and totally manipulated it. My bullet had hit the lock and broken the safety bolt. Slowly and cautiously, I waltzed over to the door and wormed my way inside. Inside the door, was the room I had ambitioned for. The one that held the key.
Simply stated, I am a U. S. A spy. Highest of the highest sent me out to retrieve this key that can unlock a big part of America's history. Voluntarily, I came to get it.
Because who doesn't like a dangerous mission?
Silently, I pranced over to the glass case that held the treasure.
I constructed the authorized area and grabbed the key. Letting my pants pocket consume it, I made a getaway to the door.
That's when I heard the noise.
A soft shuffle from behind me...
Naturally, I whipped my head around to the subject of disturbance. Two men in white uniforms were sneaking up on me, the purple P on their chest advertising for their boss.
Without warning, one of them charged at me with top speed. I arranged a kick and he fell to the floor with a humiliated thud.
Looking around the white tiled room there was no sign of his partner.
As a result, I took this as my invitation to leave. Moving right along my black boots made tiny pitter- patters as I approached the door.
Suddenly, bolting out of no where someone slam- dunked me to the tile. Landing awkwardly on my right arm, pain shot through me like an electrocution.
My attacker pinned me to the shiny floor. Coincidental, putting more pressure on my pained arm.
"Where's the key?" he grunted in my face with a heavy German accent.
Blegh! Someone needs a breath mint, I thought.
"Over there behind the chair!" I lied as such pain in my arm threatened me to release a scream.
Stupidly, he got up and went looking for it.
With such a rush, I sprinted up and out the door.
"Hey!" he shouted and came after me. His heavy footsteps echoed through the long hall, harmonizing with my lighter ones.
I gritted my teeth and urged my legs to run faster. My heart pounded in my chest and adrenaline coursed through out my veins.
To caught up in the moment, I lost focus and thundered right into something solid. My body collided with the wall right before easing down to the perfect white tiled floor. Suddenly, I prepared myself for an attack by my chaser.
None came.
I looked up to see my partner, Thomas, throttling my chaser. Thomas bumped him on the head and his eyes lids drooped closed.
"Nina," Thomas nodded to me as he pranced over to the nearest exit.
I replied with a smile and we sauntered our way to our rescue helicopter.
In conclusion, my arm suffered from a slight fracture, and everyone back at the headquarters were ecstatic when we returned with the key. The key's secrets changed our point of view on history.
But, for what the key uncovered is, for yet, another adventure.

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