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Begin with"It was raining and I had to take shelter" Best moment of my life

October 21, 2011
By Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
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It was raining and I had to take shelter. I quickly ran into the cave not far from where I was standing. I dried myself sat down, starring desperately into the rain. I looked at my watch that was indicating not much time left for me to accomplish my task, there was only one day left. I sighed: “Why, oh why did I do this?” as there was nothing I could do, I remembered how all this came into being.

It was just four days ago, I was at the fancy new coffee shop called “Haven delights” which only rich billionaires could get in because of the ridiculous pricings. I was enjoying the amazing Peacock Cupcake while holding a Vanilla Ice-blended in my hand. Then, there he was, walking towards me with a smirk, I knew there was going to be a quarrel so I put down my cupcake. He said to me: “Oh hello, my dear Kennie! How have you been? Not really well judging by how you looked in the papers, ha ha ha … … Listen, you will never beat me, you just don’t understand do you?” then he threw me the newspapers that he was holding and walked away slowly, laughing maniacally. I looked at the paper, the headlines were big and clear: “Kennie Kurton’s Epic Fail to prove the ‘Farentino Bird’ exist. Read all about it … …” Oh how I curse those pesky lying reporters! “I will find it! I will! And then your tiny discovery of the Frozen Caveman will be nothing! Do you hear me, Azrael! Nothing!” I shouted with anger. “Oh really? Well then, show us your so-called Farentino Bird on Saturday at City Hall, I will gather every reporter there is to see you fail. Whoops! I mean ‘show us your bird’. Ha ha ha … …” I was so determined to find this unknown beast that I set out that day to the Amazon jungle to do research and to hunt it down.

Azrael and I were rivals, we were both great scientists and we were rich too. We would compete against each other at almost everything, I hate him so much. Now, here I am, in the jungle for four days and still no progress was done. I feel so stupid for finding something I don’t even know if it exists, some small evidence just triggered me to do it. I am hopelessly lost, starving and I feel stubborn for running all the way here for nothing. I risked my life to see myself fail, I can see it now, the headlines flashing before my eyes: “Kennie Kurton fails and missing” or “No Kennie No Farentino Bird”.

The rain seems endless and I feel weaker by the seconds. Soon I was lying on the ground due to insufficient food and water. I worked so hard during the past days that I didn’t even bother to fill up my stomach. Anger can truly drive one crazy. Thunder sounds filled my ears as if the sky was mocking me. I began to close my eyes slowly, I thought that I was dying as my life flashed through my eyes. I saw my dead grandmother, Azrael, the orphans that I loved with all my heart. “Goodbye… …” I whispered. I often visit the orphanage and donate huge sums of money to them to keep the orphanage good and running, now that I am going away, what will happen to them? I felt something pulling me but I just assumed that tigers or bears will be making me dinner, I didn’t care, I’m dying.

Suddenly, I saw something, a light. I floated towards it and I saw the Grim Reaper and God. Wait, where are my legs? Am I in heaven? God said: “Kennie, you have done good deeds, helping those cute little children, and for that, I will spare you.” So I’m not going to die? I was confused. “Oh, come on! That’s what you say to almost every person that comes up here! How am I supposed to do my job? I am the Grim Reaper for God sake! I might as well just throw way this scythe!” the Grim Reaper cried. Then the two began to quarrel. I floated away somehow, thinking: “That was weird.” I managed to open my eyes. Oh my god! I wasn’t in the dark cave but in a very big nest. A big and colorful bird flew in and gave me some fruit. It was the Farentino Bird! It saved me! I finally have proof! “Eureka!” I cried with excitement. I studied it closely, it seems to like me and sat still for me to examine it, it is truly fascinating. After my glorious study, I managed to get a helicopter’s attention which was flying by with a lot of yelling and rock throwing.

This is it, my moment. I was on stage in front of millions of people, I showed them the Farentino Bird which is amazing and unusual because it yells “faren” when it is small and yell “tino” when it s big enough to fly. I saw Azrael from a long distance who was pouting. I smiled, I was successful and I managed to get my rival jealous of me. This is the best moment of my life!

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It was an exam essay, nice aint it?
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