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T.C.I.A. (Teen Central Intelligence Agency)

March 22, 2012
By Wordfreak1 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Wordfreak1 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"F*ck you." - Feli to this guy that made her mad.

Part 1: The preparation.
Chapter 1:

“Mike! The alarm is going off! Get your lazy ass out here!!” Mike Andrews jolted awake and tensed, then realised that it was only Chris, his friend and team member, yelling for him to get up. He dragged himself out of bed and slowly got dressed. He thought back to how two weeks ago he had been picked up by a black hawk chopper in Vegas. Since then he and his team had been undergoing training in their fields of knowledge. Four hours ago he had been dismissed, and collapsed on the memory foam mattress. Now the alarm was going off.

He hurried out of his room and into the command center where his team was waiting. He hit the button to turn off the loud screeching alarm, and it immediately shut off. There was Chris, demolitions expert. Jessica, his girl, walked up and pecked him on the cheek. She was the computer expert. Mike then thought back to his specialties. As team leader, he was the weapons and hand-to-hand combat expert. He turned to Chris as Jessica sat back down in her chair.

“What the hell is going on? I just got to sleep and you’re already waking me up?”

“Come on, Mike. We don’t know anything either. Dex says it is your decision on how to do this. It’s another mission already.” Chris then walked out of the command center, followed by Jessica, who looked back and waved before departing. The door closed automatically as Dexter appeared on the view screen. Mike thought about what he knew about Dexter. He was short, 35 years old, Caucasian, and the one who gave the missions to the team.

“Good morning agent Andrews. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the all girls boarding school in Timbuktu called “Misbehavior”. We believe it is a front for a kidnapping scheme. The target is believed to be the president’s daughter. Her name is Jane Pitterson.” After thinking for a minute, Mike looked Dexter straight in the eye, and said:

“Dex, first off, this isn’t Mission Impossible. Second, I don’t think our team can do this mission. The only girl here is Jessica, and I’m not throwing her in harms way. How am I supposed to do this otherwise?”

“Michael, Jessica won’t be there. She’ll be hacking the systems to help you and Chris out. We will disguise Chris as a teenage girl, and you as her brother. A special case if you follow me.” As Dexter said this, he got a wicked grin on his face. Mike turned around and started to pace. He turned back to the screen and Dexter was not surprised to see a smile on his face that was as big as Texas. He knew Chris would be p****d.

“Dex, we will do the mission. Tell the President that. We are off to Timbuktu in a couple of days.” After this, Mike walked out of the command center with the biggest smile he’d ever worn on his face. Chris and Jessica were waiting outside of the door. He turned to them and as he explained, his grin got wider and wider, while Chris got a scowl on his face.

“Mike, why me? I’m your bud. I beat the crap out of Jeff Mckinsey for you!!” Mike chuckled as he thought back to the incident. It included that he had been cornered by Jeff, and Chris jumped in and saved his butt.

“Chris, it wasn’t me that made the choice. You know Dex isn’t too happy that we broke into his house like two weeks ago on the last mission, and it was you that almost shot him!!! Just calm down. Remember, we get $200,000 for each mission. You’ll probably get a bonus for this when we get interviewed by the director.” At this thought, Chris seemed to perk up, and he turned to Mike.

“Sorry, I just don’t like the idea of dressing up as a girl. You know how I feel about Hello Kitty and crap like that.”

“It’s fine, Chris.”

Chapter 2

Mike glanced down at his watch and back at the door. He was nervous about meeting the director. The only thing they knew about her was that she was a middle aged woman, and Mike was also hoping Jessica’s interview was going good. Chris was standing in front of him and he looked equally as nervous, though it wasn’t for the same reason that Mike was. He was afraid he would be kicked off of the team because he was African American. Before they had left the room he had told Mike: “I’ve heard a lot of these government officials are really racist. I hope they aren’t.”

Mike was dressed in his combat fatigues with pistol on his right hip, and switchblade in his pocket. When Jessica’s interview was over, she came out the door and Chris walked in after Mike told him everything would be okay. Jessica walked down the hall to her room and changed. She then walked back up the hall to tell him about her interview.

“She asked me about my skills, my position on the team and what I do. She says I’m fine to stay on the team.”

“That’s great, babe. Looking forward to working with you again.”

When Chris’s interview was finally over, to Mike’s surprise, he was completely relaxed. He then told Mike the exact same things Jessica did, as well as telling him that he explained the situation to her, and she gave him a $20,000 bonus for having to dress as a girl. With that, Mike walked through the door.
Sitting the director’s chair sat a lady that looked about 45 years old wearing a women’s suit from Macy’s. This struck an alarm bell in Mike’s mind, and he pulled out the standard issue Desert Eagle that had been given to him by the POTUS himself. He knew that everyone including the director was given a suit tailored by the special ops tailor.His suits are black and white. Hers is pink.

“What have you done with the director?!” Mike shouted out as he trained the gun on the impostor. As the lady stood up and started toward a closet door on one side of the room that he hadn’t noticed before, he jumped in front of it and motioned for the impostor to get back into her chair. He then turned toward the closet door, and grabbed the door handle. It swung open and inside twisted a long hallway and coming down that was the director. She was wearing the black and white tailored suit, and was wearing a name tag that said: DIRECTOR VANCE.

Mike saluted her and motioned with his gun toward the impostor.

“Ma’am, this impostor was in your chair and taking over your day-to-day activities including the interviewing of my team.” At this, a surprised Mike found himself in front of a chuckling director.

“Agent Andrews, that ‘impostor’ is my daughter!! She came to work with me today because she is going to take over for me as director right after I sign the Official Secrets and Release act. She is your new boss!!! I was telling her about how to do things, and she is helping me interview you an your team!!” Mike turned to Director Vance’s daughter and apologized, which was followed by him putting his pistol back into his hip holster. He turned to the director.

“Director, I am ready for the interview, and if I may say so, you look as if she could be your mother.” It was true. Director Vance looked about 35 years old.

“Thank you. Now, have you created code names for yourselves?”

“Yes, ma’am. I am Fang, Chris is Dingo, and Jessica is Tigress.”

“ All animals. We never see that. I like it. What are your specialties?”

“Hand-to-hand combat, and weapons.”

These types of questions continued until she decided that Mike was fit to be team leader. He returned to the command center still feeling foolish.

Once in the command center where Jessica and Chris were waiting, Mike told them the outcome of his interview and what had taken place. Through the whole thing they were laughing their butts off, and Chris actually cried with mirth. They then headed to dinner, and filled up with burgers, fries, cherry coke and cherry Jell-O. Mike climbed into bed feeling that he had accomplished something, and looking forward to tomorrow when they would transform Chris into a teenage girl with a bad attitude. The mindset is already there. Thought Mike as he drifted off. He just needs the smallest of changes in his outward appearance.

Chapter 3

Mike sat up in bed and yawned, he glanced at the clock on the wall and jumped, which got him a nasty bump from the ceiling. It was 0800 and they had slept late. He sped down the ladder and shook Chris awake who was on the bottom bunk. He then zoomed into the command center, still getting dressed, where Jessica was waiting with a warm ‘good morning’ and a kiss on the cheek. He had just finished putting on his pants, when Chris dashed in through the door still brushing his teeth carrying his pair of jeans.

“Whadinyawagsup?” Chris blabbered through toothpaste.

“Huh?” asked Jessica, wrinkling her nose with disgust. After he had wiped his mouth, Chris replied.

“Why didn’t you wake us up?” he said again while he put on his jeans.

“I thought you deserved to sleep in. Director Vance gave us today off, remember? We leave tomorrow. Well, Chris, you don’t get today off. You need to get into your role. It starts at 1400 hours” as she said this, Jessica got an evil smile on her face, and Mike started to howl with laughter. Chris scowled and retorted:

“Jessica, shut up!!”

“So clever. You should be a professional.” she chuckled.

As Chris went to the wardrobe room, Mike sat in bed and turned on some Avenged Sevenfold, while Jessica put on a movie. When Chris returned an hour later, he had a very p****d off look on his face. He had been forced to put on a padded bra so it looked as if he were a girl. As he said this, Mike fell out of his bed from laughing, and Jessica got tears in her eyes.

“I’m actually gonna have to wear that all the freaking time while we’re there!! Even when I’m asleep!!! And I have to wear girls underwear!!! This sucks!!!”

“Hey, it’s not that bad. You could have to wear a wig! Oh, wait, you do!!!” chuckled Mike thinking about his buzz cut between hiccups.

“So, what don’t you have to wear?” asked Jessica once they had finally gotten a hold of themselves.

“I have to wear everything a girl does!! They made a padded bikini for when I’m swimming!! I hate this assignment!!! Next time, you have to be the girl, Man!!” he bellowed at Mike.

“Calm down, Man. It’ll be okay. You get to bunk in a room full of girls!! That will be fun!!”

“They’re gonna treat me like an outcast. I won’t fit in.”

“No you won’t. But, then again, you don’t fit in anywhere!!” at this, Chris shot Mike a dirty look. “Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad. You will be FINE.”

“Yeah you’re probably right.” Chris looked at Mike and nodded. Then, Mike and Chris walked to the cafeteria followed closely by Jessica.

Chapter 4

Zero hour. That’s what Mike thought as he waited for Chris to come out of the changing room. Mike was already dressed in an expensive designer suit, and a Rolex watch. A Rolex. Damn. They were under cover as a brother and sister that needed behavior enhancement. Director Vance was to take the place of their mother, and she looked the part. She was dressed in an ankle length pink cocktail dress, and had on a pair of high heels. Mike thought that this seemed weird, but realised that everything looked perfect. After Chris finally came out, (and after Mike got a hold of himself) they rode in a black Cadillac that was like twenty years old, and in perfect condition.

They got out of the car and were ushered inside by a man in a tuxedo. When Mike looked at the man, he realised it was Dex!!! Dex shook his head, but busted out laughing when he saw Chris. They then began to explore the house. Wen Mike went to his ‘room’, he realised it was an almost perfect replica of the one he had actually lived in for thirteen years. The only difference was the posters on the walls. Instead of posters of his favorite bands, the walls, ceiling, and the back of the door was plastered in posters of various bikini models. On one wall was Megan Fox. On another was Irina Shayk. On the dresser that held the T.V. and CD player, sat an assortment of CDs by his favorite bands including Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch that was an exact replica of his music library. He rolled his eyes and slid these CDs in his pocket so it would seem as if he were trying to smuggle them into the school.

When he looked out out the window he saw that the car to pick him and Chris up was here, and he started down the stairs feeling a pit of worry in is stomach. He ran his new identity through his head and took a deep breath.Upon reaching the foot of the stairs, he put a smirk on his lips, messed up his hair, and ripped off his tie and walked outside.

As soon as he walked out the door, the first thing he saw was Chris in in his disguise, and the hilarity of him looking exactly like a teenage girl again reached Mike, and he fell on his hands and knees and rolled around with laughter. When he got up and wiped the tears of happiness off his face, Director Vance asked him sharply:

“What was that about? Laughing at your sister?”

“Yeah what was that about?” repeated Chris in a whiny voice that reminded Mike of nails on chalkboards and Hannah Montana. Mike thought up the worst thing to say and said it.

“She looks like a hooker!!” with that, he fell back on the ground and laughed even harder than he did before, while Chris’s mouth dropped open, and Director Vance gave him a stern look.

“They are always like this!!” she said to two people Mike hadn’t noticed before. One was a man and the other was a woman. Both tall and skinny, and both were people Mike had seen before. It was John Jekyll and his wife Susan. They were the evil masterminds that the T.C.I.A. had stopped just a couple months ago. But they were more than that to Mike. John Jekyll was his brother.

John Andrews had joined the Marines when he was 21. He had been shipped off to Afghanistan and an accident had happened. There was an attack and all American soldiers were killed. It was believed for many years that John was dead. Then, three years later, a man named John Jekyll came out into the open and started a killing spree. John had killed his fellow soldiers and made it seem he was dead and that they had been attacked. He had then moved back to the U.S. and started a new life of crime. After each attack, Jekyll would claim responsibility. Then he moved to bigger things. He first tried to take over the world tree months ago by kidnapping POTUS. T.C.I.A., led by Mike, stopped him. Now it seemed he wanted POTUS’s daughter.

“Hello, Damian.” said John. At first, Mike forgot his fake name, but quickly caught himself.

“Wassup, man. That your wife? She’s fine.”

“When you are talking to me, you will call me ‘sir’. Do you understand?”

“Lighten up man, you’re like my mom. You’re so uptight.” Mike smiled inwardly at the comment, but outwardly held a smirk, since it made John seethe. John turned toward Director Vance.

“Your children will return to you in two months time. They will be completely changed, and will behave. We strive for excellence at ‘Behavior’ school.” Director Vance put on a sweet smile and replied:

“I have full confidence in your schools. BEHAVE yourselves.” this she directed at Mike and Chris, and with that, she walked back inside and Dex brought out their suitcases, loaded them in the car, and handed them each a pair of sunglasses. Mike recognised them immediately. These were the glasses that have cameras built into the lenses that recorded everything he saw while still allowing him to see through the lens. Mike slipped his on, relishing the perfect fit. Then, Mike and Chris climbed into the car and they started on their journey.

About two hours later, Mike was shaken awake by John Jekyll, and they got out of the car. In front of them sat a yacht that was white and blue and had its name on the side. Poseidon's Devil. Mike grabbed his and Chris’s bags, and they got onto Poseidon's Devil. Once on it, Mike set out to explore the boat, but was stopped by an angered John Jekyll for trying to get through a locked door. Jekyll dragged Mike onto the upper deck (after taking his CDs), and showed him where he would be staying for the night.

“It’s a long journey to the school. It will take about a week to get there. It’s on an island. It is beautiful. You can fish, surf, swim, sunbathe. Everything while you are on the boat.” John Jekyll then set off to find Chris. Mike again busted out laughing and remembered ‘her’ new name. Liliana. Mike went into his bag, and got his trunks to work on his tan.

He got up twenty minutes later, very hungry. He found John and asked if he had something to eat.

“Yes. In the fridge in your room. Enjoy.” Mike went up and found ham sandwiches, Peanut butter and jelly, and eggs. He heated up a frozen pizza on his stove in his room, and ate the entire thing. With the pizza depleted, he turned on the T.V. in the corner of the room, and he was surprised it was connected to an XBOX, which he quickly found, that had Call of Duty: Black Ops in it. He turned on the XBOX and was surprised again to find it was connected to the internet. He joined a game with his usual profile, and started to blast some zombie butt, helped by three other players that had joined the game a couple minutes earlier. He went to the weapons box, and got an M4. The game went great from there. He didn’t know the mistake he had just made.

Part 2: The Arrival.
Chapter 1:

Mike yawned. It was the seventh day of the voyage and he was going to be sad to be off of the ship. They were due to arrive in two hours. He hadn’t unpacked his stuff, because he had only grabbed his swimming suit and some shorts and a T-shirt to wear. It had been an awesome week. The first time Chris had put on his bikini, Mike had almost had an asthma attack from laughing so much, and he didn’t have asthma. Chris looked exactly like a female life guard, and Mike had taken a picture and sent it to Jessica as soon as he could. She had sent back a picture of her in her bikini. He liked the pic of Jessica better. Mike walked back to his room and he lugged his suitcase out from under the bed. He opened it and found the rest of his clothes, which he piled on the floor. He opened the secret compartment and found an Ipad, an IPOD touch, and a cell phone. He stuffed the two smaller gadgets in his pockets and left the Ipad in the bag. He returned his bag under the bed and turned to leave the room when John Jekyll walked into the room. Carrying an assault rifle. Mike jumped behind the bed and pulled out the Ipod and started tapping desperately at the screen. John jumped over the bed and pointed the rifle at Mike and said:

“So, Brother. It is nice to finally see you again.” He pulled the trigger right as Mike pushed the last button. Three shots rang out.


Jessica sighed. The day had been tough trying to hack Jekyll’s server, but she finally did it! She was looking at the browser history. He played HALO? That’s when a message appeared on the screen: AGENT FANG HAS SET OFF HIS DISTRESS SIGNAL. Jessica gasped and ran across the room. She stared down at the little red button and then pushed it. Sirens started to go off, and Red lights flashed. Director Vance ran in followed by Dexter. There was grief on their faces. They knew what it meant. It meant only one thing. Code red. Their agents had been found out.


Mike awoke strapped to a surgical table. He guessed he was inside the “school” and this used to be used for emergencies. Now it was what was holding Mike captive. He was trapped. Mike took a deep breath and realised he was still wearing his sun glasses. He stretched his neck as far as it would go and they tumbled off of his face. He grabbed them with his teeth and turned them so when he put his head back down the camera would see him and so would Jessica.
He started talking.

“Jekyll has figured out my cover. I don’t know about Chris. He’s probably been captured and put in another room on the ship. You have the coordinates of Jekyll’s castle, you need to come and release us. S.O.S. order A-FANG-CAP-JEK. Over and out.” Mike shifted and the glasses fell off of his chest and hit the floor. They hit so hard that they broke and pieces of the lenses were everywhere. There went his one and only way to contact T.C.I.A.

Chapter 2

Chris stood in his room aboard Jekyll’s ship, taking off his disguise. He was sick of this. He would never agree to another mission like this again. He had just finished pulling off his disguise and was standing there in his boxers, when the door swung inward with an eerie creeek. Chris immediately dropped to the floor and rolled behind the bed. He threw on a black pair of jeans and black t-shirt, and decided to go barefoot. A girl can’t run in heels. He thought to himself. He grabbed his desert Eagle from his suitcase, and turned to peek over the bed. He steadied his gun, which was aimed out the door, and fired a warning shot. Then a huge guy holding a hypodermic needle rounded the corner and knocked the gun out of Chris’s hands. Chris immediately somersaulted over the bed and assumed his defensive stance. The guy rushed Chris again, and Chris, using the bed, vaulted over him, grabbing the hypodermic needle while airborne. Chris landed, turned around, and lunged. He hit home. He pinned the tail on the donkey.
Chris looked at the out cold lackey. His name was Eric. He had brought Chris sandwiches. Chris was kinda sad, but not for long. He grabbed his Desert Eagle and headed out the door.


Jessica wiped her brow. She was on an amphibious vehicle in the middle of the Atlantic. They were headed to Jekyll’s island, and on board were her and four other T.C.I.A. agents. Since her, Mike, and Chris were A squad, they had to use B squad for soldiers. Each of them carried an Mk 416 assault rifle, with attached laser sight, flashlight and dual magazine. They each stood up and made a final check on all of the equipment. Everything was good. Jessica took a deep breath. It was gonna be a long fight.


Mike sat, cold and alone, on the operating table. He had been there for what felt like forever, though was actually three hours by his estimate. He had gotten his hand into his pocket a couple minutes ago and he had a hold on his laser pen. He was trying to figure out if it was pointing the right way, when the door squeaked open. Mike stared at the door and said:

“You won’t break me, Jekyll! You can go take your questions and stick them up your white, traitorous, insane ass!”

“Wow, man. Nice determination.” It was Chris.

“How did you find me?” asked Mike, while Chris sawed through the table’s straps.
“Just blasted through a couple of doors. Now, let’s go get Jekyll!”
Finally,he sliced through the last strap that held Mike down, and Mike slid off the table and pulled out his gun. He took point and the two started through the halls, all the while a feeling of dread hung in the air, while they realised what they had to do.


“GO GO GO!!!!!” the captain’s voice rang out and the door dropped. Jessica and the other two agents raised their rifles and came out the door firing. They dropped the first three guards coming out the door, and ran behind a 2012 tricked out Black and white Cmaro. Jessica climbed into the front seat and started hot wiring the Camaro, while the other two agents ran from behind the car and finished off the rest of the guards with hand to hand combat. As they ran back to the car, Jessica finally got the engine to roar to life. One of the agents climbed in front, and the other jumped in back and shot out the window to cover their escape.

As the Camaro roared across the sand, Jessica finally had the chance to take a breath. She felt the guilt of taking the lives of two human beings, and crossed herself. She hoped they got to Jekyll’s castle in time. It was miles away.

Chapter 3

Mike gnashed his teeth in frustration. They hadn’t made it twenty feet before running into a group of Jekyll’s guards. They had been shooting for what felt like an eternity and had only dropped three out of seven. The rhythmic pounding of the bullets on the table they were hiding behind was intoxicating. Mike pressed against the wall behind him and felt it give way. It was a door! Mike beckoned toward Chris to run in and they slammed and locked the tempered steel door. It turned out to be a weapons room. Row after row of M16s and other weapons towered through the room. Mike and Chris walked through the aisles, taking what they wanted, as they would in a grocery store. The didn’t stop until they had crammed their pockets with weapons. Then they turned toward the door. They each put on an oxygen mask (found in the room) and Mike pulled out a tear gas grenade which he pulled the pin on and threw through the open door. It went off with a hiss like a snake. This snake’s bite effected every one of the guards. They ran around like decapitated chickens, and fell on the linoleum floor. The grenade was still billowing tear gas when Mike and Chris stepped out the door, armed to the teeth, only to see everyone knocked out. Mike went around trussing up the guards with rope like holiday turkeys, while Chris stood watch. Mike returned to Chris’s side, and they set off once again.


Jessica was having a very bad afternoon so far. The Camaro had gotten stuck in a pit of quicksand, and they had to ditch it. Now Jessica, along with the other two agents, was schlepping across the island in the 90 degree heat carrying a 50 pound assault rifle, and wearing a lot of body armor that was caked with mud.. She mopped her forehead with a rag. We’re never gonna make it. She shakes the thought from her head. There is never a time to quit.

Mike and Chris were having better luck now. They had gone up three floors, trying to get Jekyll, and had minimal resistance. Mike found an elevator, and the two of them walked inside, and mike pressed the button that had a 10 on it. The top floor. While Chris stepped back, Mike took aim inside the cramped space and squeezed the trigger. The camera fell to the floor in a smoking pile of parts. Mike grinned crookedly. I’m gonna make hell for Jekyll and his crooks.
The elevator dinged and he pulled a grenade from his belt he pulled the pin and he and Chris flattened against the wall, and he threw it. He pointed his rifle out the door and the grenade went off, and all but one of the guards dropped. The one guard sprayed the inside of the elevator with lead and ended up getting a nasty hole in his head. Right between the eyes. Mike lowered his M16 and took a deep breath. They weren’t even close to done. He turned his back on the hole riddled elevator and the dead bodies of the guards. They weren’t even close to done.

Chapter 4

Jessica raised her MK 416 and squeezed the trigger. The guard dropped like a sack of potatoes. She ran up to the door and stuck some preset plastic explosive to it. She hid around the corner of the building with the rest of her team and pressed the button. A loud boom was heard and the building shook. She ran through followed close behind by the two other agents, and took a flight of stairs. They kept going until they got to the tenth floor. The blast of the explosive had collapsed a section of the stairs! Jessica led her team through a hole in the rubble and they suddenly came across a couple of elevators. They piled in and Jessica pressed the button for the top floor. The elevator went zooming up, and Jessica didn’t realize that as they went up, Mike and Chris were stuck in between two floors.

Mike kicked the door angrily and jumped back holding his foot in pain. The elevator had stopped moving in between floors, and they had tried anything to get out. Jekyll wanted to keep them there for some reason, and Mike didn’t want any part of it.

“Dude, relax.” Chris said glancing up at him.
“I will not relax! He wants us here for some reason and I refuse to be apart of his plan!” Mike glared down at Chris’s form sitting cross legged on the floor while checking the mechanism on his M16. He looked so relaxed that Mike had actually thought about taking shots through the holes in the elevator, trying to break a belt or something. They had felt a huge vibration and heard a boom, but Chris was sure that it was just an earthquake. Mike didn’t believe so. He was about to make a scathing remark about how him dressing like a woman made him one, when the elevator roared back to life and they went zooming up.

Jessica cautiously poked her head out of the elevator, she looked to her right, then popped back in and motioned for the other two agents to follow her. They rushed out of the elevator and two shots rang out. Jessica whipped around just in time to see her two fellow agents fall, see Jekyll raise a gun in his hand, and Jekyll pull the trigger and feel something slam into her chest. She was lifted off the ground and she was slammed back down by the force of gravity. Everything went black.

Chapter 5

Jessica could not believe how much trouble she was in. The bullet had struck her in the chest bust had only scratched the surface of her body armor. She was now tied up in a rolling desk chair and Jekyll was sitting in a chair across the room talking to himself . He stood up suddenly, picked up his gun, and walked over to the chair with Jessica in it. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she recognized the weapon. The AK-47. He walked behind her and held the barrel to her head. His finger tightened on the trigger, right as the elevator dinged and Chris ran out. Jekyll cackled madly.

“Hello there! Where is my little brother? Is he too big headed to come to my party?”

“He had more important things to do.” as Mike’s voice echoed through the room, Jekyll whipped around and tried to find him. Mike melted out of the shadows, knife in hand, and jabbed it ion to his brother’s flesh. Jekyll looked down, and saw the blade sticking out of his chest he dropped the rifle and pitched. Mike withdrew the blade and Jekyll’s body started to shake. Jekyll rolled over and looked into Mike’s eyes.

“Brother....” he gasped out.

“You are no brother of mine.” Mike turned away, and Chris blew off Jekyll’s head. His suffering was over. Mike untied Jessica and embraced her.

“Let’s go home.” she whispered softly. They started down the stairs. Chris looked up and realised he was alone. He jumped up and ran down the stairs to catch up.
“Hey! Wait up! Don’t leave me with the dead evil guy!”

Then they went home.

The author's comments:
This is my very first piece over 1000 words and I intend to make it longer and release it in book form. Keep watch on amazon.com.

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love is like sour patch kids... SWEET... SOUR... GONE!

My love for you is bulletproof, but you're the one who shot me.

This is turely amazing i love it :)cant wait to read more stuff by you when u post :)

hypermagical said...
on Aug. 29 2012 at 12:06 pm
hypermagical, Indianapolis, Indiana
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You can quote me on that.

You should write films, Freakout! Great job here :)

on Jun. 4 2012 at 1:42 pm
Padfoot507 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
-Albus Dumbledore

"I'm just a little bit caught in the middle,
Life is a maze, and love is a ridde."

Wow, great job Word! That was awesome :) I like how you personalized all the characters with different personalities! Really good job!

MadHater said...
on Jun. 3 2012 at 5:56 pm
MadHater, Trophy Club, Texas
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"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
-Abraham Lincoln


"The price of success is responsibility."
-Winston Churchill

I only ready the first chapter, but this is very well written, and it is an interesting concept. Keep writing.