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Saving Love

November 14, 2012
By Roper GOLD, Krum, Texas
Roper GOLD, Krum, Texas
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It was a nice warm summer day in July. Kayla and Jamie decide to go out for a ride on their ranch. They came to the top of the hill when all the sudden a storm moved in. They started to turn around, as the rain began to pour down. Lighting struck right in front sending the horses into a panic and the girls in to the mud. A faint shadow began to come closer to them. Kayla was unable to get up off the ground. Was Kayla even conscious? As Jamie got to her feet she prepared to fight. Jamie was wacked with a large tree branch across the head.

Jamie woke up in a pure white room, wearing white silk pajamas. Someone called Dr. Drainage warning her that experiment sixty-four was awake. Jamie began panicking and calling Kayla’s name. Dr. Drainage requested Jamie to be brought out of her cage and brought to the lab where Kayla was. As they carefully started bringing Jamie out she darted for the nearest door, but a large male grabbed her arm and pulled her back, Jamie cried out in pain. As they escorted her through the lab, Jamie saw Kayla with an IV attached to her left arm. Kayla was strapped to a hospital bed, above the bed said experiment forty-six. Kayla slowly moved and moaned of pain.

Jamie was held down to the bed as other white coats strapped her down. Dr Drainage came in with an enormous needle and said, “You will only feel a small pinch.” That was the only thing that Jamie was really afraid of. Jamie tried to break free but the straps were too tight. As the needle enter her vain, she began to clench her fist and her teeth together trying to bear the pain. Next the put an IV in Jamie’s right arm. After they hooked the last wire up to her they left her there with monitors all around her. Jamie slowly fell asleep strapped down to a cold metal bed.

Jamie woke up with Kayla towering above her. Jamie didn’t remember anything but who she was and who Kayla was. They started talking about what was going on and Kayla said they had been there about two months. Also how she came up with an escape plan. Jamie went along with it as she attempted to stand on her feet.

As they set up for the plan, Jamie started remembering things about her life. They requested to go to the bathroom. As the guards took them Kayla and Jamie winked at each other. The guards said they have five minutes and locked the door as they entered the bathroom. Kayla pointed out the window and opened it. Kayla went out first and looked around. She saw no guards, fences, or people around, so she gave the signal that it was clear. Jamie didn’t crawl through the window but fell through the window. They made a run for it, running as fast as could, faster than a horse at a full out gallop.

They were thirty miles away and came to the town of Ponder, a town that everyone in Krum hated. They kept quiet as they moved through the Ponder. When the sheriff stepped out and startles them and the sheriff. He asked so many questions that Jamie was confused at the end. He offered them a ride back to their ranch and to call their mother.

When they arrived home everyone came running out of the house. They were being squashed between their loved ones. Cody slowly came out of the house in tears, not sad tears but happy and relieved tears. Jamie came up to him and they hugged each other for a long time. Kayla was doing the same with Mitchell until Christian came up and hugged them both.

As months past Jamie and Kayla powers grew more powerful. They came up with names to hide their identity so they are known as JC and KC the heroes of North Texas. JC and KC helped anyone in danger or any hurt animal. They never dared to go back to the lab to save the other kids.

On April 22, Jamie and Cody were out riding celebrating their one year anniversary. When by the lake having a picnic, Jamie decided to jump in the water. While Jamie was under Dr Drainage took Cody and flew off towards the lab. Jamie came up to find Cody was being carried away by Dr Drainage. She hopped out of the lake and started to takeoff into the air, chasing after Cody. She was unable to catch up with Dr Drainage and Cody. She darted towards the horses and mounted as quickly as she could.

Jamie was in tears while calling Kayla and Christian to get out there. Jamie was talking so quick they couldn’t keep up. They finally made out “Cody had been taken by Dr Drainage.” Kayla was says no way they could save him without exposing their selves to Cody. Jamie and Kayla were fighting all night about the situation. Jamie pointed out that Kayla would do the same thing if it was Mitchell. As they lay in bed, Jamie couldn’t help but to think about Cody and how she had been lying to him for ten months. It nearly killed her to think about what he was going through in the lab.

Cody was in a small, dark, cold cage in a room with many other poor helpless kids, many younger than him. On his wrist was the bracelet he was going to give to Jamie along with a hospital band that read “Cody Wood age: 15 experiment 122.” He began to think of Jamie and the happy times together followed by tears.

The next day as Kayla tried to explain why we had to leave again Mitchell got upset and they began to fight. They left that day with two hearts in pain. Jamie and Kayla arrive at the outer fence of the lab in about three hours. Jamie face looks determined that is was almost scary. Kayla had chills running up and down her spine taking long deep breaths. They went around to the back where they had escaped ten months ago.
The window was sealed shut, but they saw a window on the third floor open. They flew up to the window and both checked to see if it was clear. They climbed through the wind and Jamie bump into something hard and cold. A moan came from the corner of the room. Kayla found the light switch and flipped it on. There were cages stacked on top of other cages with little kids in them.
Jamie walked over the cage that she heard the moan come from. She bent over to find a boy about the same age as Cody curled up in the back corner of the cage scared to death. Kayla and Jamie started breaking locks letting the kids out. The boy didn’t come out at first, but while Jamie let a rope down for the kids to escape he slowly came out. Slowly the boy got the courage to come out of the small cage.
Jamie looked at his ban on his arm and it said “Cody Wood.” She wanted to hug him but first she needed them to get out of there. As the last kid slid down the rope, Jamie grabbed the littlest one and flew down to the ground. Once they all reached the deepest part of the woods they took a break from running. There were about fifteen kids scared to death and all out of breath around them.

As they were resting, Kayla and Jamie bandaged wounds that the kids had on there bodies. Jamie was bandaging some wounds on Cody when he said she reminded him of his girlfriend. How he missed her and showed her a bracelet that he got Jamie. Jamie wanted to tell him right at that moment but she didn’t have the nerves to do so. Once she finished bandaging him they started walking again towards the south.

They came to a town named Tioga, a small town in North Texas. It was in the middle of the night so they got a hotel rooms for everyone. Once they got all of the kids asleep Jamie went for a walk to clear her mind. She felt a powerful force knock her to the ground. Jamie quickly jumped to her feet prepared to fight. The closer Dr Drainage got the hotter that Jamie got. Her face turned so red her hair appeared to be on fire. Dr Drainage was amazed that Jamie’s body was on fire but not being harmed by the fire. Jamie had discovered a new power to go along with her other un-normal powers.

Dr Drainage’s hands began to glow and throw electric balls at Jamie. Jamie slowly cools down to where her hands were the only her hands on fire. Jamie hands burned out so she turned into a full grown lion. Before charging she let out a loud roar, waking the whole town of Tioga.

Kayla came flying in followed by the kids running after her through the empty streets. People began to peer out their windows to what was going on outside. All noticing the heroes JC and KC fighting they cheered them on as they fought the evil Dr. Drainage.

Dr Drainage hit Kayla in the stomach sending her flying into a red brick wall. Kayla was unable to move her body after that. Cody rushed over to her aid and discovering it was Kayla in the hero’s KC outfit. He turned to look at Jamie and yelled, “Jamie!”

Jamie looked over to Cody, while Dr. Drainage through an electric ball at Jamie. Cody took off running and ended up blocking Jamie. As Cody fell he said, “I love you, Jamie.” Jamie grabbed the hardest thing closest to her which was a hard metal bucket filled with ice cold water and charged towards Dr Drainage. Jamie was too fast for Dr Drainage to out run. Jamie cut him and wacked with the bucket. Water dripped down onto his hands where there was still electricity.

As Dr. Drainage was in the middle of the road dead, Jamie ran back to Cody. Where he lay barely alive, Jamie was in tears. She gave him one last kiss on the lips expecting him to die soon. He began to rise from the ground into the dark night sky. Something blue was glowing around his body; it appeared to be healing him. Cody slowly came back down to the ground; once he landed and caught his balance he hugged Jamie.

After a long night travelling back to the ranch they finally made it home. Kayla and Mitchell went up into the hay loft to talk about everything that has been going for the last year. Jamie did the same with Cody except by the lake. Both accepting them for the way they were and continued to love them.

Cody ended up writing stories about Jamie and Kayla. Most of them were based on their adventures but some he made up. He became a top selling author. People who have read the books believe that JC and KC are only fictional characters but if you were in North Texas you known that these were no made-up characters.

“A true lover will always save the things that they love the most”

The author's comments:
A short story about a girl saving someone she truly loves. With some action, adventure and of course romance. The quote at the end of it was something that I said.

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