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The Christmas Hero

January 5, 2009
By Anonymous

The Christmas Hero

“You’re going to be in gum drop jail for life!” a police officer screamed as he closed the jail cell.
“No, you can’t I didn’t do anything!” Candy Cane begged.
“Yes you did! You broke into the Chocolate Bank!” The police officer said.”
N…… ok maybe, but I didn’t steal anything!” Candy lied as he put chocolate coins in his pocket.
One day a ginger bread cookie, Ginger, was working on a doll made of peppermints! “I can’t wait till all the other cookies see this, its aaaamaaaazing!” Ginger said. Ginger rushed to show Santa her amazing creation.
“Don’t you just love it? I think the special child who just happens to get this one will just feel kind of.............. I don’t know...... special!” Ginger practically screamed.
“It is good! That will sure be some lucky child! HO HO HO!” Santa joyfully said.
“Thanks Santa! Oh my gosh it’s 11:25, everyone has to be down in the naughty and nice area by 11:30! I gotta go!!! Bye Santa!” Ginger yelled when she was already half way out the door.
Down in the naughty and nice area everyone was waiting for Santa to arrive when Ginger runs down the stairs and trips on the top stair and falls into huge bucket of pink, fluffy cotton candy. She had made a fool of herself AGAIN! The last time she did that she fell into a not so fluffy bucket of candy canes! The doctor said if she fell hard again she might break off some of her gingerbread leg and then she would have to wear a sugar cast and use candy cane crutches, which would not be fun!
“Ginger are you ok? You should really learn how to walk down stairs carefully!!!” Sally, the head elf, said angrily.
“Yeah I’m fine! So let’s get on with meeting!” Ginger said while she was picking cotton candy out of her hair.
“We can’t Santa isn’t he.......” she said as the lights went out. There was this weird sound like someone had a gag in their mouth and was trying to scream. Then the lights came on, and Sally was nowhere to be found. Instead there was a pile of candy cane dust in her place.
“It was Candy!” Santa said with an angry tone that Ginger had never heard him use before.
“Wh...Oo...oo’s C...c...c...candy?” Elfy, Sally’s “biggest fan” asked nervously.
“It’s the evil Candy Cane, you know the one who was locked up in gum drop dungeon” Santa said
“OMG!!!!!!!!!!” Ginger thought to herself. This was horrible; Candy was number one on Gingerbread Police Stations most wanted list!!! Before he was in the gum drop dungeon he stole Santa’s sleigh and almost destroyed Christmas! This was another plot to ruin Christmas! Now nobody knew what to do, not even Santa. Sally was always the one that organized the toy making process; Santa organized the trip to and from the kids, the naughty and nice list, and getting the reindeer ready. Never the toys, so he has no idea what to do next.
“Wait, doesn’t Sally always write down everything she does?” Elfy asked.
“Yeah she does! Maybe she wrote down where we are in the toy process!” Santa yelled with joy. They all searched and searched for the papers but they were no where to be found! Then, late that night Elfy found a piece of paper that said toy mak. It was obviously a piece of Sally’s toy making process paper. It had candy cane dust on it; Candy had stolen it!
“Wake up Ginger! I need you to do something for me!” Santa said to wake up Ginger.
“Whaaattttt,” Ginger half yawned.
“I need you to go to Candy’s evil laboratory and get Sally back.
“What! I’m just a little cookie! I can’t go there by myself! Are you kidding me?” Ginger yelled.
“No, but don’t worry Elfy is going with you!” Santa said.
“OH NO!” Ginger thought to herself while she followed Santa to Elfy so they could discuss their trip. Santa showed them how to fly the reindeer; how to use the magic lollipop wand to fight off Candy; and how to call for help if they need to over the radio on the sleigh.
“LIFTOFF IN THREE, TWO, ONE, BLASTOFF!” a voice over the loudspeaker said as the sleigh took flight.
“This is soo coOOOL!” Elfy said as she accidentally made the sleigh dip down like a rollercoaster.
“Maybe I should drive Elfy; I know how to do it better than you do.
”No I’m learning! Who cares if there are a few bumps here and there?” Elfy said joyfully.
“I do!” Ginger thought to herself.
“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” they both screamed as the sleigh went down.
“Pull up!!!” Ginger yelled.
“I’m trying! It’s not going up!” Elfy screamed back. Before they could even blink they were on the ground. Ginger got herself to her feet and did a quick examine.
“There is a robot on the bottom that has the actual reins! It must have been put there by Candy! I can’t get the reins off, they’re stuck, looks like we’re stuck walking.” Ginger sobbed.
“What about the radio? We can call Santa!” Elfy said
“Oh yeah! Come in North Pole! Come in North Pole! They aren’t answering!” Ginger said. Meanwhile Elfy was looking at the robot.
“It looks like I can navigate this thing back to the North Pole! We can put a note on Rudolph and walk the rest of the way!” Elfy explained.
“How do you know that?” Ginger said.
“I took a class with Sally on it, so do you want me too?” Elfy asked.
“Yeah go ahead! Wait, isn’t that hard?” Ginger asked.
“NO! It’s as easy as putting a hat on your head!” Elfy answered. This was the not that they wrote….
Dear Santa,
Our sleigh was fixed with a robot! You need to fix it then send it back to us! Please! We can walk to Candy’s lab from here; we just need it to get back as soon as possible! Thanks!
Ginger and Elfy

Before they could blink the sleigh was on its way back to the North Pole and they were walking to Candy’s lab. Lucky for them it was right around the corner.
“Wow! This is huge! Hey look it’s Sally!” Ginger yelled.
“OMG!! I missed you soooo much!” Elfy screamed when they got to her. Then out of nowhere Candy gets between them!
“What do you think you are doing here?” Candy screamed.
“Ummmmmmmm……… just rescuing my friend,” Ginger said. Then out of nowhere a blast of icing comes from Elfy. It was from the lollipop wand.
“Sorry I got scared!” Elfy said.
“It’s ok. I’m just surprised that it shoots icing not sugar!” she said as she laughed.
“We caught Candy!” They all screamed!
“Ummmm girls?” Candy said quietly.
“What?” they all answered.
“I’m sorry for kidnapping you! I just wanted to have a fun Christmas with somebody! I didn’t mean to be all evil! I am now a new Cane! I will be good! So can I go to the North Pole with you and celebrate Christmas, Please!?” Candy asked.
“Ok, it would be fun!” they all answered just as the sleigh pulled in. They all hopped in and flew to the North Pole two hours before liftoff.
“You’re back!” Santa screamed as the girls walked in.
“Yeah we are! We better hurry if we want to finish the toys in time!” Sally said.
“Don’t worry about that it wasn’t Candy who ripped the paper up after all it was Blitson! We found it in his pen two hours after you left!” Santa explained. They all cheered and hurried off to get ready for the liftoff ceremony. From that day on Ginger was known as the Christmas hero and lived happily ever after.
The End

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hilly said...
on Jan. 24 2009 at 11:07 pm
the best i luv it! this story should definatly be in the magazine! luv it!

A said...
on Jan. 24 2009 at 3:21 pm
this is the best story i've ever seen! definatly a 5 out of 5

KW said...
on Jan. 24 2009 at 1:58 am
Great Story