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Into Eternity

October 17, 2016
By JacobBaker GOLD, Sacramento, California
JacobBaker GOLD, Sacramento, California
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As the storm raged on, gunshots sounded and swords clashed. With the sound of obscenities being shouted back and forth like the cannon shots being fired from the sides of the ships, it was impossible to discern who was winning. And there, amongst it all, stood the feared pirate, William Darkblade, captain of the ship, “The Pride of Hell”. He stood there, searching and fighting, untouched among it all, and saw the one he was looking for. Before him stood Black Beard, the most feared pirate of all the seven seas and the nemesis of Captain Darkblade. He approached the enemy captain with the ease and calm of someone who had been to hell and back. “BLACK BEARD!” shouted Captain Darkblade over the din. Black Beard turned and when he saw him, his eyes widened in surprise. “I’ve come to send you to where you belong!” “I was awonderin who would dare to be attacking my ship!” said Black Beard “I should have been knowing it was you.” He started walking towards the inscrutable captain. Everything got quiet as the feared pirate walked across the deck. Everyone stopped fighting to watch the confrontation. “Now” he continued “if you were to be sending me somewheres, which you won’t be, but, as you said then I said, if you were, where might the specific location of the so said somewhere be?” He stopped about ten feet from Captain Darkblade. Captain Darkblade stood there, showing no sign as to what he was going to do next. Then Captain Darkblade said “I’m gonna send you to DAVEY JONES LOCKER!” Then in one fluid movement he unsheathed his sword, which was as dark as nightmares and had destroyed many an enemy in its past, and charged the enemy captain with a vengeance never before seen on this earth. His sword glinted darkly as it came down in an ark toward Black Beard, who hardly had time to block the attack. Then what ensued would become known as the single most amazing sword fight in all of pirate history. They’re swords flashed as they slashed at each other, both trying to land a death blow. It went on for hours, both blocking and parrying, both getting hit but they kept fighting while they’re crews looked on, cheering for their captains but not daring to interfere. Whoever won this fight would claim both ships and crews, along with all the treasure. Finally, with a resounding crash, Black Beards sword broke under a sudden and empowered flurry of blows from Captain Darkblade, who then kicked Black Beard’s legs out from under him, causing him to fall down to the floor. He looked up and there, inches from his nose was Captain Darkblades sword, drenched in blood. That was the day that Black Beard died.  From that day forward, Captain William Darkblade was known as the most fearsome pirate of all the seven seas.                                                       THE END        

The author's comments:

most people think that pirates are a myth. which is compleatly untrue. so i desided to write a fictional piece about a unfictional character, black beard. enjoy and be educated

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