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Determination through hard times

October 18, 2018
By DolphinGirl1 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
DolphinGirl1 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Determination is the trait Xena and I have in common.  Xena is one of my best friends because when I was 6½ years old I got really depressed and feeling like I couldn’t take it anymore and feeling like everyone goal was to make me cry because I was constantly being bullied and overhearing doctors say to my parents like I wasn’t even there but I was soaking up every harsh hurtful heartbreaking word the doctors were saying to my mom not even thinking for a single second that I have feelings too. One of the many cruel shocking stinging spiteful sentences spoken by doctors which mainly sounds like “She is not likely to be successful in life once she is a adult and is on her own. She is probably going to end up living in a group home for disabled adults.”

After he had spoke those outrageous offensive sharp bitter words that soared straight through my throbbing torn  heart. Some nights I would lay in bed silently sobbing uncontrollably unable to sleep beneath my thick blankets. However whatever traumatizing heart wrenching things said behind my back Xena was always there for me and didn’t care that I had a disability or if I had a low chance to succeed on my own according to doctors who can never be forgiven for the heartbreak caused by them speaking to my already unhappy mom their shameful negative damaging statements out of their bitter cold uncaring brains while ignoring the little girl who they thought wasn’t paying any attention to what they were saying. She liked me just the way I was and didn’t believe for a second any of the mean things those heartless doctors had said about me. One of the main ways Xena helped me get over my depression by letting me hug her without moving away or nudging and licking me which is like her way of saying “I love you. Please stop crying.. Very few horses tolerate being hugged for more than a minute or sometimes even 30 seconds, some don’t tolerate hugging at all, but Xena just stands there loving the attention.Very few horses show that open kind of affection. Xena is 12 years old going on 13 and I am 16 going on 17. I have told her many of the things I will never tell anyone else ever no matter what they do to attempt to make me tell them.

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