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By Anonymous

   The brisk refreshing night air awakens all of my senses as it rushes to meet me, as I step outdoors. The bright steady light that shines from the moon's face fills my soul with peace. A sense of unity with the universe settles around me as I gaze up to the thousands of stars that are scattered across the heavens. I proceed along until I come upon the soft lush meadow. In the center, I kneel and lie down among the fragrant wild flowers. There, under the blanket of the heavens, I gaze out past all known limits. For a moment, the curtains of the universe lift and the secrets that had been kept since the beginning of time are offered before me. The small stars fill the air with light and enchanting music, and the moon sings gallantly to all who would listen. Here, lying on this ground, I am one with all creation. There are no enemies or wars near me. The Earth is my home and the stars are my family. As I gaze on, I see a streak of white race across the vast sky and disappear. I weep for my fallen brother star, but feel joy in knowing with his death, I gain many more brothers and sisters. I wish that I may stay here, in this meadow, forever. Here, where my purpose is so clear, where I am needed and understood, I wish that the sun wouldn't rise and upstage the moon and stars, and that all this wonderful beauty lives on forever. But, even now, the sun is preparing to peek over the horizon and start another day. As I wave goodbye to my newfound friends, I hold dear to me that night will come again. And with it bring me peace and solitude as I gaze to the stars once more. n

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i love this !

Blank said...
on Feb. 26 2011 at 9:03 pm
I  love this. I really do. My favorite types of writings are the ones that take you to another world. It's so descriptive and vivid! You have captured the scene with perfection!