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Hybrid Theory

June 22, 2009
By ElleWinchester SILVER, Pikesville, Maryland
ElleWinchester SILVER, Pikesville, Maryland
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The coppery taste of blood entered Bo’s mouth as he was struck about the face for a second time. He coughed up blood on the ground; the viscous, crimson liquid hit the floor with a stomach churning splat. Another fist connected with his jaw, this time knocking him to the floor.

“You freak.” One of the men yelled, the steel toe of his combat boot digging into Bo’s leg.

Bo grunted in agony, there was already a bruise there. A woman with brown hair and a white lab coat stepped forward, a triumphant look in her bitter grey eyes.

“Will you take your medicine now Bo?”

Bo gathered up all the courage he could muster in a fetal position and spat on her expensive looking patent leather pumps, “Screw you.”

The woman’s eyes softened, “I’m so sorry to hear that.” She looked to the man, “Until he obeys, use this.”

She handed the man a black baton. Bo eyed it warily from his place on the floor. There was no way they were going to touch him with that. He looked at the other man that was at the other end of the room. A pool of blood had formed around him as he rested face down on the cold white tile of Bo’s hospital room. He had killed that man. Ripped his throat clean out, snow white bone peeked out from the backside of his neck. Bo could still feel the faint taste of the man’s flesh in his mouth. It made him sick to his stomach. A sharp flash of pain exploded in his back making him throw up all over the bloody floor.

“F…f…fine. I’ll take’em.” Bo growled. The woman held out a cup of pills for him. He gulped them down dry, loathing the fact that he had to grovel for mercy only to receive steroids in a cup. The man and woman soon departed the heavy iron door of Bo’s room slammed loudly behind them.

Once he knew he was alone, Bo rushed to the sink. Splashing cold water on his face he finally got a good look at himself. His brown hair wasn’t short anymore, it was thicker and tousled like he had just rolled out of bed. The experiments had made him deathly pale, which made his eyes stand out abnormally. Bo’s eyes were yellowish orange in color with black irises. They however, were not his eyes. They were the eyes of a North American Timber Wolf. Bo was an experiment for a pharmaceutical company called Lat Nock. He had been taken from his home near Princeton, New Jersey and moved to Big Horn, Montana when he was around seven or eight; ever since he had become a human lab rat for the scientists. At age thirteen he was spliced with Arctic Wolf DNA and now they had taken his eyes and given him horrid yellow orbs. He punched the mirror, disgusted with his own appearance.

On the other side of the mirror the same woman who had given him the pills watched. She was glad the hospital had paid for the one way mirror, that way she could keep an eye on Bo. Behind her were four men in white lab coats who looked quite impatient.

“As you can see, he is quite a specimen.” The woman said as she scribbled something into a notebook.

A man with silver colored hair tapped the mirror with his pen, “Awful spirited isn’t he?”

The woman smiled cruelly, “It’s in his nature but don’t be alarmed he’ll be docile by the time the experiment is complete.”

“Dr. Steele, when do you think he’ll be ready for the next splicing?” another doctor asked, his hand poised for an answer.

The woman, Dr. Steele, pursed her red colored lips, “We can’t be sure. His body hasn’t rejected the eyes, which is a good sign but we still have to consider the statistics; most of the rats in the lab didn’t make it farther than the first splicing.”

The man nodded, “Yes I suppose, we could always take the deal elsewhere.”

Dr. Steele traced Bo’s permanent fist imprint in the tinted glass, “Patient 009 with be prepped for surgery within the hour.”

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