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House of Death - Trapped in an Elevator

May 22, 2009
By Caryn Knight GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Caryn Knight GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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The doors open at the third floor and a massive elephant clambers on. “Hi! I’m Horton!” he says to the blonde rock star snapping her bubblegum in the corner. The elevator begins to creak precariously under the elephant’s weight.
Hannah Montana begins to shout. “Who said I won’t be president someday! I can’t die here! GET ME OUT!” She bangs on the doors frantically.
“I need to get this girl out of here ASAP so I must act swiftly awesome pachyderm. I have to think light. I’m light as a feather. I am light as a feather,” Horton says to himself.
Only then does Horton notice the wooden boy cowering in the corner. “Hey little boy, what’s your name?”
“Ummm…Sam.” Immediately, the boy’s nose grows two inches longer.
“Hey.” Horton’s eyes narrow in suspicion. “I’ve seen you before. Isn’t your name Pinocchio? And who’s the beetle?”
“Yeah, you caught me. And this is my conscience, Jiminy Cricket. He tells me what’s right and wrong,” Pinocchio says.
“You, like, listen to that disgusting thing…that grasshopper?” Hannah asks in disgust.
“Hey! Who are you calling a grasshopper, Miss I’ve got the Best of Both Worlds,” Jiminy says in a mocking voice.
More groaning and creaking from the elevator turns the group’s attention back on Horton. “Hello! Still a very heavy feather over here! I don’t understand though. Obviously when they built this elevator they took into account that elephants will be riding it.”
“Pinocchio,” Jiminy Cricket says in an urgent voice, “you must get off this elevator before it plummets to your certain death!”
“Oh no, Jiminy. I’m perfectly fine. Besides, we have to get to the 23rd floor to see Geppetto. He’ll be waiting.”
“Well I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting out of here. Life’s what you make it and I don’t wanna make it end today,” Hannah says as the doors finally open and she zips out. “Maybe I’ll see ya’ll again sometime,” she says and then mutters under her breath, “I definitely hope not.”

The doors close and the creaking begins again. Jiminy begins fidgeting and bouncing around uncomfortably as the numbers on the screen go slowly by. “Pinocchio, I really think we should get off now.” At the 21st floor, the doors open again. Pinocchio and his cricket exit the elevator and Horton is left to finish the treacherous journey alone.

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