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By Anonymous

   It was a hot summer's eve, as the mysterious woman in red walked through the ornately carved doors of the White House, her head held high with an air of importance. She gave a curt nod to the security guard, and continued to the Oval Office, where the President's inauguration was being held. The room was magnificent and the white lace tablecloths contrasted beautifully with Yvonne's red sequin dress. Her luxurious black hair fell in a cascade of curls upon her shoulders, and as she entered the ballroom, she felt excited and somewhat nervous about the night's events

"Yvonne, is that you?" a familiar voice asked.

"Oh, Elizabeth, I didn't see you," Yvonne replied apologetically, while thinking that all she needed was a nosey reporter following her. After making small talk, Yvonne mumbled some excuse and headed toward the bathroom. It was empty, and as she reapplied her makeup, Yvonne didn't attempt to conceal the shiny metal handle that protruded through her open bag.

"A couple more hours and it will all over," she reminded herself, with one last dab of lipstick. She shut her purse and then breezed out of the lavatory as calm and collected as ever. Upon entering the ballroom, Yvonne found that the President was about to give his inauguration speech. She focused her attention on the President, because after tonight she would see him no more.

His speech was excellent and Yvonne found herself remembering when he had been hers. Undeniable rage began to creep through her body, and instinctively, yet with definite menace, Yvonne rested her hand on the small metal in her purse.

Yvonne found that she couldn't take her eyes off of his handsomely featured face, and sandy hair. Just then she felt a firm hand clap down on her shoulder, and, she found herself staring int the eyes of the President.

"Yvonne," he said in a gentle voice. "May I have this dance?"

Elated of this perfect opportunity, Yvonne accepted the invitation immediately, and for a moment when his back was turned, she slipped the revolver into her bag.

"It's been so long," he murmured.

"Yes, it has," Yvonne agreed. "But remember that it was you who left me" she said.

I should have told you about Emily," he said regretfully. "But she doesn't matter to me anymore!"

"It's too late!" Yvonne said, "The damage is done." Yvonne pulled away from the President and withdrew the hidden revolver

"Yvonne, don't!" he yelled, but Yvonne, continued in a trance-like voice. "You hurt me Richard, and I've waited five years to see you suffer." And with that, she took the pearl-handled revolver, held it to her head and pulled the trigger, without a moment's hesitation.n

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i love this !

on Mar. 17 2012 at 10:44 am
Winters_Willow SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Wow, I really didn't expect the ending! Nice, good job. :)

on Apr. 27 2009 at 4:23 am
KaylaKissesAlways BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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This is a very good short story!

jatz318 SILVER said...
on Apr. 19 2009 at 9:41 pm
jatz318 SILVER, East Brunswick, New Jersey
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The beginning is well written. But it moves too quickly. Add in more dialogue before the ending. Slow the story down.