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May 11, 2009
By liz_graham BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
liz_graham BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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September 1st, 2005

As we pull in the driveway my dad cusses, “Why is she here,” she referring to my oh so wonderful stepmother, Stephanie, “Hold on Alex don’t go in there. You guys stay out here for a second and I’ll come back to get you,” he walked inside. We played on the small plastic jungle Jim, me being 8 and Alex, my brother, being 2, we slid down the slide and heard a scream, thinking it was Stephanie seeing my dad, I continued playing. A minute later my dad ran outside screaming into the phone for an ambulance and sweating profusely.

“Daddy what's wrong,” I asked innocent of the death that would occur soon after.

“Honey, go play with your brother and Lori,” Alex’s mother, “will come and pick you up.”

“Okay,” I ran over to Alex and started digging, “wonder why daddy is so worried?” I looked at Alex and he shrugged. I heard a siren as 2 ambulances, 3 state police, and a fire truck pulled up to my house. My dad ran to where me and Alex where and pulled us to the end of the driveway hugging us for all he was worth.

“Kids something happened to Kaitlyn but don’t worry she’ll be fine,” EMT’s ran into the house with two stretchers and an oxygen tank.

“Sir, we are taking them out the front so you might want to take the kids out to the back,” we walked to the back as Lori pulled up and ran back.

“Are they okay?” she asked.

“Kaitlin’s I don’t know and,” he was cut off.

“I don’t care nor do I want to know how that stupid son of a,” again cut off.

“Careful, little ears,” even as this was happening my dad was worried about what we would hear.

“Daddy? What's going on with Kaitlyn?” I asked thinking off my 7 year old stepsister.

“She’s just sick,” he chocked when saying ‘sick’.

“Okay, when am I going back to Mommoms?” I looked at the house thinking.

“I'm going to take you home,” Lori said also looking at the house, “Come on lets leave.”

“Okay, love you daddy, happy birthday,” he picked me up and kissed me, “don’t forget to open your card.”

“I won't,” he promised, silent tears streaming down his face. We walked down to Lori’s car and drove to her house, I don’t remember much after that except coming home and seeing my mom on the porch. The next day my mom told me my sister Kaitlyn had died the previous night.

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