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The Forest: Racial Beaver

August 15, 2009
By Whitesofttail SILVER, Ayer, Massachusetts
Whitesofttail SILVER, Ayer, Massachusetts
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In a massive beaver dam there was a super cool party; everywhere animals danced to the hip hop music playing and enjoyed the drinks and hot tub.

Rocky the skunk was wearing only a pair of light purple swimming trunks with little stars upon them as he lay in a Jacuzzi; a magenta colored skunk was huddled up beside him as she lay in the hot tub.

Ricky the raccoon was across the tub from the two of them while Chatter was dancing near Kyle.

“I love Ike’s parties” Ricky said; he was practically under water because he was leaning back.

“Yeah, I mean just look at all the cool stuff that he has; there’s wood chips with hot sauce and nothing else shows Ike’s a beaver with a black heritage more than that does” Rocky responded.

“Well, except for the pine flavored cool aid” Kyle said; he was dancing right next to the hot tub.

Yes, Ike’s place was Da bomb, but Ike himself was a rapper; a stereotypical one at that. Unfortunately, being a stereotype was problematic; especially when you’re a cartoon that can influence people.

Suddenly several men in suits burst through the front door.

“Okay, where’s the racist character?” one man said plainly; all of them had shades on too so they looked like agents.

“Oh no… agents!” Ricky said. He then jumped out of the hot tub, put on a black trench coat and shades and leapt towards the agents.

“You can’t take the one in a fight!” Ricky told the agents; he then leapt forward and dropped kicked one of the agents.

“Actually we’re looking for Ike” another agent said as the one who was just drop kicked got up.

“Ya’ll ain’t takin’ this dude alive!” a voice said; everybody was now looking at Ike. He was a beaver with brown fur, a blue overcoat and a deep voice; he wore shades that made it impossible to see his eyes.

“You’re the most stereotypical character in all of The Forest; you have to come with us” the agent said before reaching into his jacket.

Everybody screamed but he just pulled out a small can of grape soda and tossed it into a nearby cage he put on the ground.

Ike didn’t run after the soda.

“I told you we were supposed to use menthols” an agent said.

“Ya’ll racists” Ike said in response.

“Sorry but the FCC has a responsibility to… you know censor you” another agent said as he closed the door to the cage.

“Ya’ll never gonna censor Ike!” Ike said before he quickly jumped out of a window in his dam and swam away in the river.

“We just wanted to take him to our rehabilitation center so he would stop being stereotypical” an agent said in response to Ike’s action.

“I think you guys should focus more on censoring things that are too dirty for the kids instead of this” Rocky told the agents.

“Then we might want to take that pink skunk away from him” one agent whispered to another.

“When characters are racist and act like stereotypes it just offends people” another agent stated.

“But what if the character is extremely awesome” Rocky asked; everyone actually liked Ike even though he was a stereotype.

It was then that Ike walked back in with a machine gun.

“Everybody stand down!” Ike shouted; he was getting ready for a fight that was absolutely pointless.

“Ike don’t” Rocky begged; but it was too late.

Everyone ducked as Ike began firing the gun relentlessly; bullets went everywhere. Glass was shattered and some bounced off of stuff but nobody got hit; which was good because while cartoons can survive falling pianos bullets can actually do serious harm.

“Hey, even we love cartoon beavers with guns but we still have to start censoring that too” an agent told Ike after the bullets stopped.

“How long will he be gone?” Kyle asked.

“Two days if he can stop being stereotypical; we can’t stop the shooting until guns are completely outlawed in The Forest” an agent explained.

“Well, since ya’ll done wanna party?” Ike asked the agents.

“You have no idea how much, we love Rocky’s band, your rapping, hot tubs and pine flavored cool aid” another agent admitted.

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