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The Forest: Bubbles and Breeding

August 29, 2009
By Whitesofttail SILVER, Ayer, Massachusetts
Whitesofttail SILVER, Ayer, Massachusetts
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One day Kyle the black footed ferret was sitting quietly in his cell watching television; he was waiting for a worker to tell him he could leave.

Don’t think that he was in jail, because the media would have been all over it; actually the truth was that Kyle was in the local zoo. Anyway the television was on and some human reporter was talking about a current event.

“The super incredibly contagious and dangerous virus has been spreading through the eastern United States for almost two days now, and with it came a wave of fear bigger than that two inch tsunami we told you about last week” the reporter said.

“Great, another media scare served up with leftover fear from last week….. I shouldn’t have said that; now I’m just hungry” a random zoo worker said as he came into the hall before Kyle’s cell.

“Mitch, if this is about those pictures of us I’m not putting them on the internet partly beacues you got me drunk before you took them” Kyle stated firmly.

“Actually this is about our new breeding program; we figured since you’re an endangered species you might want to…..” Mitch began.

“Say no more; I’m all up for some free fun” Kyle said.

Meanwhile, Rocky and Ricky were at the local club watching television too; there were people and animals talking and dancing everywhere in the club. But when everyone here heard the news things were a little bit different; also the television here was way bigger than the one in the exhibit where Kyle lived.

“Since when does the media care that much about viruses that they skip talking about some guy and his drugs?” Ricky asked nobody in particular.

“Since they got bored with those stories about mixing weed with food; pot fudge sundaes are not in anymore” Rocky answered.

It was then that they both paused briefly, and Ricky hiccupped; however, when he did this a pink bubble came out of his mouth and floated upwards.

Chatter popped the bubble by throwing a toothpick at it.

“He has the plague!” shouted some guy in medieval clothing while pointing at Ricky very accusingly.

Everyone knew that those pink bubbles were the biggest symptom of the super incredibly contagious and dangerous virus.

“Who let you into this place; you look like a peasant from a different time” Ricky stated although this had nothing to do with what the man said.

“Hey, that’s not cool man” said a bird from nearby.

“He said the guy looked like a peasant not a pheasant” Rocky explained; either way Ricky was still a problem.

“Maybe all of us can just quarantine him” one guy suggested.

It was then that Ike burst into the room and tackled the guy who just said that thing about quarantine.

“Okay….. maybe euthanasia could solve this” a girl suggested.

“Go into a voluntary coma; it always did the trick for me” a random possum whispered to Ricky.

“I have an idea; if I toss this coin and it shows heads….. you die” another guy with half of his face permanently scarred suggested.

“I would take that offer but….. I can’t” Ricky answered.

Then the news was back on and everyone forgot what they were talking about for the moment.

“This just in; it turns out that the super incredibly contagious and dangerous virus has been proven not so contagious and the only danger is has is the fact that popping the bubbles is very addictive” the reported said.

Ricky hiccupped again and when a second bubble came out of his mouth Chatter popped it by shooting an arrow.

“Well, congratulations; you guys have just made your lives more difficult by believing the media when it was trying to scare you for business” Kyle stated while walking into the club.

“All I need is a bottle of fermented apple cider” Kyle said casually to the guy behind the counter.

“You know the Cartoon Code says that if you’re not supposed to be for kids you can drink without dressing it up” the guy responded while giving Kyle what he asked for.

“I know but tonight I just wanted to do something a little different; I have a ferret waiting for me back at the zoo” Kyle told the guy before walking of with the apple cider and stepping out the door.

Once he got back to the zoo, Kyle was waiting for Mitch; then he saw her. A beautiful ferret stepped down the hall and stopped before Kyle’s cell; she seemed so incredibly gorgeous, but the Mitch came by.

“Sorry, she’s lost” Mitch said before he led the ferret away from the area, then he went back to Kyle.

“Why couldn’t I be set up with her?” Kyle asked.

“She’s your cousin” Mitch responded; Kyle’s species was so endangered that most of the ferrets in the world were closely related to him.

Mitch handed Kyle a photo of what appeared to be some kind of large seal or something.

“Don’t tell me this is my partner for tonight”

“Sure is; we never expected to get anyone paired up with her but this time we got a rock star….. It’s just so awesome that you volunteered”

Kyle then began drinking the fermented apple cider he just got really fast.

“Lead me to her; I’m not turning down free fun” Kyle stated. He then followed Mitch down the hall to where another ferret’s cell was.

The next day Kyle walked into the club and met up with the rest of the band; he didn’t even have a headache.

“So how was it?” Chatter asked.

“Well I went in there hoping that I could deal with it all but in the end she was an elephant seal; that explained the blubber” Kyle answered.

The author's comments:
In the fifth installment in The Forest, Kyle gets involved with a breeding program and the rest of the band deals with a media scare over a brand new virus.

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