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A Parable of Taking the Wrong Path

June 9, 2009
By Taylor Bills BRONZE, Greenville, Delaware
Taylor Bills BRONZE, Greenville, Delaware
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One day a boy was walking down the street. He saw some kids out of the corner of his eye smoking something. The kids noticed him there and called him over. They offered him, what he found out to be, weed. He decided to try it. He thought, heck why not. Well this one time led to more and more. He started meeting up with these kids on a regular bases. He loved the feeling when he was high, the crazy messed up feeling that separated him from reality. He didn’t have to deal with everything else going on in his life. Soon later he started buying and even selling weed to other kids. He was high so much that he didn’t care anymore about life. His grades were terrible in school, he never went to church anymore, and he lost all his friends.
After a long time his body didn’t react the same to the weed anymore. He wasn’t satisfied by it. He was talking to someone about it one day and they suggested Ecstasy. The boy learned that this was a way more intense drug, and would provide him with an amazing experience that pot never could. The boy was excited and within a couple days got some Ecstasy pills. This was the satisfaction he had been looking for. Not only did he get that intense rush of being high, he sometimes experienced hallucinations.
He loved being high with this new drug. He felt a new sense of peace. He found himself needing and craving this drug more and more. He was high more than he was sober. And when he was sober, he spent his time trying to get more Ecstasy. He realized when he wasn’t high, that he was terribly depressed. He hated facing the real world and life in general. He couldn’t deal with and just resorted to drugs again.
One day the boy ran out of his drugs. He did everything he could to get some as soon as he could. His dealer was out of town and so he couldn’t get any for a few more days. This was a problem for him because he needed these drugs. After being sober for a couple days he started thinking about his life. His life was terrible. He was not living with his family anymore, he had no friends, dropped out of school, and didn’t have a concrete job. He got really depressed and searched desperately for any drugs he could find in his house. He came across a gun he had in the back of one of the cabinets. And that was it. He looked at himself in the mirror, whispered, “what have you done?” And ended his life.

The author's comments:
This is a parable, a story that teaches a lesson.

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