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The Forest: Natural Misdisaster

September 13, 2009
By Whitesofttail SILVER, Ayer, Massachusetts
Whitesofttail SILVER, Ayer, Massachusetts
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Today within The Forest in a clearing a soccer ball suddenly dropped from the sky; it was on fire.

“Told ya I could kick it super hard” Ricky said to his friend; but that was easy for a cartoon to do. Yes, all of the animals in The Forest had this ability and never actually used it, but being melodramatic wasn’t exactly a talent anyway.

“Congratulations, you just used the term ‘super hard’ and didn’t mean anything dirty when you said it” Kyle responded.

“Hey guys, do you think that we might want to perform in the city near here next time? After all, the place was nice” Rocky said as he came nearby.

“Yeah, and the donut places are right next to the banks; that way if they get robbed the cops are nearby” Kyle stated.

“I dunno, the usual super incredible performance place works for me” Chatter said from his spot nearby.

“He has a point, and I think that since this is our biggest concert yet and millions will be watching it on television we need to have it at a special place” Kyle added.

“The Stadium of Incredible Stuff has had a good reputation; cartoons from around the world gather at the place and watch performances like there’s no tomorrow. Every day colorful characters such as ourselves proudly walk its halls and use our talent to….. well I forget the rest but you get it” Ricky said.

“That was beautiful man” Rocky responded; he too knew of the awesomeness of the Stadium of Incredible Stuff.

“Well, since all of us are done choosing how about a performance at the club?” Kyle suggested.

“I’ll beatcha there!” Chatter said before dashing away so fast that he left a white smoke cloud within his wake.

After briefly playing their instruments at the club the gang stopped to talk and have a couple glasses of….. apple cider (absolutely non alcoholic, for sure).

“So Ricky, tell us about that time you were out with (insert name of favorite fictional character here). I’m just curious about your connections” Kyle said.

“Well….. the night was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Out of all the cartoons and random characters I’ve been out with that one was the best” Ricky responded.

“That was so awkward, anyway we need to get ready provided we want time to sign autographs” Rocky stated; he had almost gotten up just before he was interrupted.

“Everybody run; its scar faced Charlie!” some random guy shouted; he just ran in casually screaming as loud as he could.

Everyone suddenly spat out whatever they were drinking.

“Wow, that can’t be good; the worst part is that he’s probably responsible for whatever that is” Ricky said as he pointed outside.

“Let me guess; the sky is falling” a small chicken said.

“You’re in the wrong story, anyway the sky is falling” Ricky responded after glancing outside a second time.

The sky wasn’t exactly falling, but there were massive fireballs coming down from it and slamming into the ground.

“Well, obviously the problem is just global warming” another guy stated.

“No, it has to be scar faced Charlie” another guy responded; then other people joined in the argument.

Pretty soon they were all arguing except for the animal band.

“I think that we have a problem” Rocky said; the last thing that he actually wanted was a cancelled concert.

“We’re getting to the bottom of this; I’ve managed to pinpoint the location of the source of the storm. Something is making the fire come down and now we can see what it is” Ricky said as he pressed buttons his watch.

It was modified with more nerdy gadgets than ever; it even had a sticker on the side that said “Glee club rulez the skoolz”.

The four passed some more crowds of arguing people before reaching the source of the firestorm.

They finally saw it; in the middle of a clearing there was a massive metal pillar made of intricate weavings of tubes and wires.

“Wow” Kyle said; he and the rest of the group were shocked.

“Welcome animals; I knew you’d show up eventually!” a familiar voice said with a sickening pleasure.

They soon saw scar faced Charlie swing down from a metal balcony on the machine using a rope.

“Do you like my new disaster machine? It’s long, hard and so big it could barley fit into the sky” the villain stated.

“Your machine must’ve been modeled after yours truly” Chatter said in his typical high pitched voice.

“Chatter, I’m sorry but the rest of your body is in proportion to your height, and your height is only about a foot and a half” Kyle responded.

“Okay….. anyway I’ve been causing the firestorms with this marvel of technology and soon this forest will be destroyed” Charlie went on.

“How do you power this thing? Pulling that off must have been harder than Chatter when he sees my hot cousin” Ricky stated.

“Will people stop making the dirty jokes about Chatter already?” Rocky said with a deep impatience.

“Will they stop blaming these disasters on stuff and just solve the problems?” Kyle began asking in response.

“Maybe, once you let me complete my evil speech; now as I started saying, this machine runs on something nobody ever thought to use” Charlie continued.

“Let me guess….. okay I give up” Rocky said.

“This machine runs on everyone pointing fingers and not solving problems! The idea was genius and now you can’t stop me” Charlie finished.

Ricky then tackled scar faced Charlie; the two wrestled for a brief moment before scar faced Charlie threw Ricky straight to the ground and pulled out a pistol.

“Cartoons aren’t immune to bullets” he said, but before he could shoot someone pointed a bigger gun to his back.

“Don’ play with us punk; we all playin’ hard now” said a deep voice.

Everyone saw Ike the beaver pointing a machine gun at scar faced Charlie’s back; the battle against him was over but his machine had to be stopped.

“Everybody listen; you have to stop arguing and just start thinking about what you can do to stop the firestorms” Rocky said to everyone back at the club.

“How can we do that when nobody agrees on what’s causing the problem?” a random guy asked.

“Sometimes you just need to do something even if it may not be the right thing; that’s how you learn how to solve problems. People need to act when there’s a natural disaster and learn from their mistakes instead of arguing about what caused it” Rocky continued; soon everyone knew what he meant and set out to fix The Forest.

The disaster machine soon shut down and fell over, but it represented what blaming can do in dangerous situations….. either that or it represented genitals.

But the second one was mostly because of that whole long and hard thing; anyway scar faced Charlie soon had to own up to what he did.

“Why do you do this to us?” Rocky asked; Charlie was now tied up and on his knees, but don’t worry nothing kinky was gonna happen.

“To have a horribly scarred face in a world full of awesome animals is a pain that few can stand; every day I have to see you in your awesomeness with my totally not awesome scar and know that I’ll never become a part of this” he responded.

Rocky paused; now that it was all over, maybe this was the chance he had to deal with someone else’s problems.

“Would you like to come to our concert?” Rocky asked.

Charlie looked up and nodded in response, and so it was that he left and dismantled the organization that killed characters and started a better life.

Later that night after the minor damage to The Forest had been fixed the new concert began; there was a massive crowd gathered at the Stadium of Incredible Stuff.

Cartoons cheered loudly and lights started to dim as the concert began.

“Well, this is The Forest for ya; there’s always something cool” Rocky said to Ricky just before the curtains went up.

Rocky held his red and white guitar while Ricky’s blue guitar had piano keys; Chatter was at his keyboard and Kyle was with the drum set. The band rocked on and divided the lyrics between themselves; in the end it was an incredibly cool concert.

But this was just another day in The Forest.

The author's comments:
This is the final chapter in The Forest; in this one a natural disaster is threatening the biggest concert our animal band has ever done.

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