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Stranger's Seperation

October 14, 2009
By Erika.Haase SILVER, Glendale, Arizona
Erika.Haase SILVER, Glendale, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
'Sharing creativity is letting someone read a glimps of your life's novel; but its their mind that will allow them to make a connection.' (Me)
'If you don't understand my silence, you can't understand my words.' (unsure)
'Action is Character' (F.S.F.)

Chase: Boo
Ellie: Ahhh! Haha.
Chase: What's up
Ellie: Not much, you?
Chase: Just chillin at home! Got back from class
Ellie: Yeah? How was it?
Chase: Boring
Ellie: And Which class was that?
Chase: English
Ellie: Haha, not an English major eh?
Chase: Nope
Ellie: Haha, interesting.
Chase: yeah, I know it's your interest, you're always writying' and won't let me read by the way. :P
Ellie: yeah yeah. So, what are you doing now?
Chase: Still just sitting here spacing
Ellie: Haha, what are you thinking about? Or just glad that you don't have to think? Haha
Chase: Mostly the latter
Ellie: Why you say mostly? Because i'm ruining the silence?
Chase: Nah
Ellie: Haha, sure whatever.
Chase: What's up
Ellie: Haha, your majorly spacing, its sorta cute stud. ;)
Chase: What are you doing?
Ellie: Writing an 'essay'.
Chase: figures. :P
Ellie: Lmao. My cheek hurts!
Chase: Why?
Ellie: i'm trying to not randomly start laughing and draw attention. Lol. But it's hard not to smile.
Chase: Why is that
Ellie: Why is what?
Chase: Why is it hard not to smile, and don't try to act lost, you're too smart for it. :P
Ellie: Haha, fine, why do you think? Aparently, I make funny faces and smile when I talk to you.
Chase: Interesting.
Ellie: Mhm, how so?
Chase: Just flattering.
Ellie: Haha. Well, i'm glad? I'm amusing to my friends, and flattering to you, what would the world be without me? Jk.
Chase: Less hot.
Ellie: suuure, suck up.
Chase: truth.
Ellie: Can I ask you a question?
Chase: Go for it
Ellie: Your not some thirty some year old pervert are you?
Chase: Nope.
Ellie: Truth
Chase: truth.
Ellie: good, I hope not.
Chase: Why?
Ellie: Because that would totally suck.
Chase: I know why it would suck for me, but why for you?
Ellie: I'd. Just prefer that you were who you said you are.
Chase: Truth.
Ellie: Truth.
Chase: What are we?
Ellie: We?
Chase: You and i
Ellie: Well you are stud, and i'm me. You are boy, and I be girl,
Chase: I see.
Ellie: What do you want me to say, I've thought about that too.
Chase: And?
Ellie: And what? I have too many thoughts.
Chase: Hm?
Ellie: Well, what are your thoughts?
Chase: Haha I shouldn't say.
Ellie: Truth.
Chase: Truth, okay, Well, needless to say I have feelings for you.
Ellie: Okay.
Chase: What?
Ellie: I don't know! I have a thousand thoughts running through my head, and arg.
Chase: Such as
Ellie: Too many, you really wanna hear them?
Chase: Truth, so yeah, go for it
Ellie: Okay.... Well....:I'm scared, because I don't really know you, but because I never thought that I could like someone that I never knew
Ellie: And then the fact that I have feelings for you, months before i'm technically legal, frightens me. but so much is a possibility, good ones, bad ones... yeah.
Chase: Okay
Ellie: That's it?What are your thoughts?
Chase: Not really sure, I just know I like you.
Ellie: Haha, and so yeah. Back to square one. You like me, I like you. Tarzan and Jane figured things out better then we do.
Chase: pretty much.
Ellie: What are you doing?
Chase: Laying in bed
Ellie: Whatcha thinking about?
Chase: Sleep
Ellie: Are you mad?
Chase: No.
Ellie: Good night stud.
Chase: I'm Finishing an assignment. Where are you?
Ellie: At school still. What type of assignment?
Chase: For film class
Ellie: Nice. Is it fun?
Chase: Not really
Ellie: What do you have to do?
Chase: Answer some questions about the godfather
Ellie: What's the big deal about that movie?
Chase: Not sure
Ellie: Your not one of the guys who live by it?
Chase: Nope
Chase: Hi
Ellie: Hey, sorry, I had to do something. What are you up to?
Chase: Making dinner
Ellie: Sorry, yum, whatcha making?
Chase: Steak
Ellie: Mmm, that's good, so are you a good cook?
Chase: No
Ellie: College boys haha, bet your a better cook then you think. :p
Ellie: how is it?
Chase: Filling
Ellie: whatcha doing now?
Chase: Watching tv
Ellie: Psyche?
Chase: Private practice
Ellie: I love that show, is it yesterdays?
Chase: Yea
Ellie: had a feeling., I missed this.
Chase: missed what
Ellie: Nothing.
Chase: ?
Ellie: it's nothing.
Chase: Truth.
Ellie: I just missed this, the talking and having close to our normal conversations. Sounds weird right?
Chase: Yep
Ellie: Yeah, I thought it was weird too.

Chase: ?
Ellie: So i'm bored out of my mind, and just taking multiple photos,deleting them, just basically using my phone's battery, what are you doing?
Chase: Nothing. Where'd the picture addiction come from?
Ellie: the depths of boredum.
Chase: I see.

Ellie: did you just go into your own little stud world, and ignoor little ole plain me.
Chase: Yep
Ellie: Fine
Ellie: Truth...
Ellie: Do you even want to talk to me anymore? Because it seems like you don't.

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