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By Anonymous

   One morning of a week ago, or be it a month or a year to a millennium, it makes no difference, Montgomery woke up in a strange city in a strange country on a strange planet. What makes our story more interesting is that Montgomery woke up in his own bed in his own city in his own country on his own planet. This being the case, our friend found it easy to function with those around him. At this time, there were three friends at his bedside, but they do not exist. Because of this, I shall not bother to give them names although Montgomery had three names for his three friends, one name for each. The names came into existence prior to the friends even though none of the two from the six actually exists to the universe anyway.

I must add at this time that the three friends first began as an inspiration, a motivation, in a singular sense. When confusion, frustration, and self-doubt set in the inspiration had to become more defined in order to be understood,henceforth, a voice. More than that, but also a voice for each contradicting idea. In later years, which brings us to more recent times, a form began to materialize,one for each voice. He saw them occasionally in shadows and behind him from the corner of his eye. Even closer to now, or then, Montgomery saw his friends more often, and more definitely, and now he is never seen without his three friends. And, never ever seen with them.

Keep in mind, if you please will, that these three friends do not exist. But, mustn't they? Montgomery speaks with them and eats with them more often than frequently. Is it that he wastes his time? No. It is that he creates his own world and his own friends, as many of us do. He can create, he can destroy,but only within the limits of his overwhelming imagination.

Montgomery fell back to sleep because he spontaneously decided it to be too difficult to climb out of bed. As he did this, he slowly descended into a dream world in which his imagination is unlimited as to what it can do and he himself becomes infinitely powerful,but only after he dethrones his own mind as an involuntary god in his world. And this is quickly accomplished.

Now Montgomery is free to transform his familiar world into his more frequented and more familiar world through his own metamorphic process. He changes solid ground to clouds, water to wines, concrete to gold, politicians to honesty, and void to women. Well, closer to one particular woman, and then more of a girl, Montgomery being only sixteen years old himself. He often sent his three friends away, not being able to destroy them, when this girl would appear. He enjoyed being with her but, of course, never has done anything wrong. This is a major accomplishment since there are no consequences to his actions. If he ever, by some small chance, becomes confused between his world and ours, his morals shall keep him out of trouble with our government.

On this particular outing to his world, Montgomery was unable to summon his girlfriend. This troubled him since he has never had any trouble doing so before, since as long as he can remember, which is as long as he has been alive,or at least almost as long. Just let me add, in case you are wondering, she does not exist either. Not to sell her short, she actually exists, somewhat, but not as Montgomery knows her. Being terribly troubled, Montgomery awoke from his world to find his three friends at his bedside. It is now time for Montgomery to awake,and so he did. This day was Sunday, so Montgomery sat himself in front of his television set. He turned it on by means of remote, forgetting the powers he had given to television in his world.

Montgomery is no more.n

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Kalas said...
on Jul. 2 2015 at 10:44 pm
Very insightful! Our young mind are aware and care. This world is your Future! Be aware and strong enough to make your own decisions. Bravo!