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Too Late to Wish

February 20, 2010
By SBloodClassicAlice BRONZE, Butler, Pennsylvania
SBloodClassicAlice BRONZE, Butler, Pennsylvania
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"Truth passes through three stages:
First, it is considered absurd and is ignored or ridiculed.
Next, it is considered dangerous to the status quo, and viciously attacked.
Finally, it is considered wholesome, indeed, self-evident."
-Arther Schopenhau

It was an odd silence in the trailer- one that all inhabitants were used to, for sure, but odd all the same. Maybe it was because there were no other heartbeats near it, and even though there was loud music, there was no beat of another's vein.

It was, indeed, an odd silence. Sure, there were other people- other heartbeats nearby, less than thirty feet away. Less than ten yards. Still, the silence persisted. People know that people aren't supposed to go outside during tornadoes- they're supposed to stay indoors, and keep safe and stuff. But, the silence was stifling.

Then, it made sense. The odd silence was there because there were usually more inhabitants there- but where were they? You were supposed to stay where you were during a tornado- you were supposed to stay in your house during a tornado, not go outside. Yes, it would be nice to go outside, and hear other people's heartbeats, but you wouldn't. Because, It's a tornado.

This wasn't making sense. The part about the odd silence did. But, not the rest of it. Or maybe, it was the rest of it that made sense, and not the odd silence part. Maybe, the other people were supposed to go outside. Wow, they must be dumb. You know they must, but then, you have to remember the head poncho, and how he was so smart because he had to be to hold up the trailer. And, the funny one. The one that makes everyone laugh no matter what. She wasn't dumb, even if she acted a little strange sometimes. And... and the small one couldn't be dumb, because she had to leave home for so MANY hours during the week to learn. Alright, she could be dumb, but the two smart people couldn't be. They just- weren't.

So Where WERE they?!

This is making no sense, and it's VERY confusing. You almost want to go and break open the windows, and kick out the doors, and scream for the three dummies to come back.

But wait- You were onto something. You've already kicked down one of the doors, but that's ok, because you've almost gotten this figured out. They went outside because they were dumb- wait, no. They were SMART. So... don't listen to the rules? Rules were then made to be broken? That doesn't sound very smart, but they aren't in the house... But what... What if they weren't supposed to be in the house- OH!!! Like they were kicked out! But- by who? Wasn't by me- I'm not mean. I like my persons... Inhabitants... Heartbeats... So if it wasn't me- and it wasn't the landlady. She's too nice to kick them out during a storm.

You go to the door, and start yelling their names. Oh, you're on the verge of it. You know it! They'll come running up to you like excited students any moment. They'll just-

You're looking outside.

You wish you could feel sick.

You wish you could feel anything but confusion and fear.

You wish you could run away, crying, and screaming, and hear your own voice normally.

You wish you still had time left.

The tornado was gaining, closer. Closer. Three trailers away. Two. Two in a half. Quick swerve to the left, to pick up the Johnsons.

Wait- You remembered the Johnson's... They were your neighbors.

One trailer away.

They were your friends...

You wish you still had time to remember.

You wish you remembered.

The tornado is about to hit, and all you can think about is the funeral. For the Johnsons? They died a WHILE ago!


You remember.

You wish you didn't.

The author's comments:
I kinda wrote this within like, ten minutes, and the typing of keys was kinda like a drug to me. I couldn't stop, so I know it's really short, but oh well. ;P . I don't really want to say what I thought it meant, if you were to break it down, or what I got from what I wrote. I hoped you other writers would reply what it sounded like.

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