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redo of othello's confrontation to desdemona

April 17, 2010
By babigerl1194 PLATINUM, Margaretville, New York
babigerl1194 PLATINUM, Margaretville, New York
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Othello comes marching towards Desdemona after speaking again with Iago. He is filled with rage and anger and hurt which he hides. Desdemona was just looking for her handkerchief while Othello starts his rage.
Othello- I simply cannot stand this foul torture to my soul much longer. I need to hear such words come from your very lips. I need you to tell me the truth yourself.
Desdemona- What on earth are you talking about, my lord?
Othello- You dare deny that you know not of what I am talking about?! I will no longer fall into your lies while you commit adultery behind my back.
Desdemona- Adultery!? Is this has had you in such a fuss all the while? Who-
Othello- YES! You and… and Cassio. I have been watching you two for some time now. Secret meetings in private, and then when i show up Cassio ashamedly takes leave with guilty looks in his eyes.
Desdemona- Me and Cassio? Never have I ever thought of him, but as a friend. One of which i have promised to help maintain his job back. One of which is also your friend, so I thought.
Othello- No friend of mine would woo my wife like that.
Desdemona – Besides that do you have any tangible proof?
Othello- Where may you have placed thy handkerchief, such that I blessed you with on our very first date?
Desdemona – It’s… ugh… Never mind that, Cassio has never even laid eyes on it.
Othello – I asked where is it! Perhaps you lost it while courting Cassio?
Desdemona- Are you so filled with jealousy that the simplest of things have you tattered?! My dear lord I only have eyes for you.
Othello – Perhaps so, either way I will have my eye on you, on your every move. And Cassio is hereby banned. If I do catch you two then that will chose our poison for us.
Othello exits leaving Desdemona distraught

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i had to do this for a blog but i enjoyed it!! :]

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