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Midnight Rendezvous

April 18, 2008
By Anonymous

“Midnight Rendezvous” was all I heard after picking up my phone on the third ring. I always wait until the third ring and then I know that my phone is worth answering. It must have been Caleb because I recognized that voice. It always sounds mysterious when we’re in for something fun. I look around my room, the lighting was dim but everything was visible. My pathetic little T.V, an old guitar I bought at the pawnshop last spring, some cloths left on my wicker basket that I decided not to wear this morning. It was all of the usual things you would find in a teenagers room. I stood up as if I was still uncertain what to do then I began moving as if this was an every night routine. I pulled my hair out of my messy bun so it flowed curly down my back. Then I reached for the foot of my bed for my jacket. I found a semi clean pair of socks and my worn out converses.

I headed for my door careful to not make a sound. Oddly it was instinct not to hit any of the creaks in my floor so no one could hear me making my way down the hardwood floors. I looked out my front window and saw a shadowy figure standing near my mailbox. It was Caleb and he seemed to be dancing with anticipation. I went out my back door and walked towards the fence. I tried my best not to crunch any leaves but the wind just ended up rustling them anyways. When I got to the fence I hopped it with ease. Being a tomboy from ages 6 to 11 had paid off when it came to those sorts of things. When I reached the mailbox Caleb didn’t say a word. He flashed his movie star grin and grabbed my hand. I didn’t bother asking him where we were going until we hit the back block.

“Where are we going?” I asked. He looked around and then back at me. “Nowhere.” He was so blunt about everything it was making me crazy. Caleb was funny about things and unless you knew him, it was hard to understand. We walked around for about a half hour until he stopped at a street lamp. I tilted my head towards him and blinked back into focus. “Caleb?” I said. He didn’t look up. “Are you ok?” He grabbed the pole and slowly spun around it. “Stacey, I just had to see you.” He said softly, in a voice that was heard from him all to rarely. I smiled knowing this day would come after the six amazing years of us being friends. Suddenly it happened, what I had been waiting for, for years on end. I was rendered speechless with the feeling of tiny butterflies that pitter-pattered against the sides of my stomach. Oh Caleb, I wished to whisper his name softly but when I opened my mouth those same words that I muttered in my head were nowhere to be found.

There we were standing passionately under the single lamppost with no company but the stars themselves. We both seemed to step closer to each other in’ sync. His hand reached for the side of my face. It was warm and tenderly traced the creases in my cheek. He pulled me in closer with ease as I let his hands find their way to my hips. Navigating down my sides to the perfect curve of a perfect fit. We didn’t speak, we didn’t have to. The words were already there. Screaming from our eyes as they gazed into each other. I knew what was coming next. It was the key to my locked up world that I had been secretly longing for. He kissed me. A cool breeze began to flow that tickled me to a soft shiver. He pulled me in closer and told me that after this night I’d never be alone again.

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